Squatty the Stray – Fall 2014

It’s been almost six months since I’ve shared photos of Squatty, the stray cat who spends a lot of time in our yard. We consider him “ours”, but I’m not sure he shares that opinion of us. He knows our yard is a place he can hang out without being bothered and where he can eat 2 or 3 good meals a day.

Squatty is usually on our porch in the morning. We feed him breakfast, after which he either spends time in our yard or heads across the street to soak up the morning sun. He roams during the day, then shows up again in the late afternoon or early evening for dinner. Occasionally he’ll miss a meal, but it’s so infrequent that we worry when he doesn’t come “home”.


I got a decent photo of him after dinner tonight. My photo ops are limited to wherever he’s at (usually poor lighting for good photos) and whether he’ll tolerate me getting close to him. For this photo I used a telephoto lens and I’m about 8 feet away. He’ll generally let us get within a couple feet as we set down his plate of food, but that sometimes comes with a half-hearted (or sometimes full-hearted) hiss of displeasure that we’re approaching him. When he gets hissy, I wait to put down his food and remind him that he could show just a smidge of gratitude for being fed really good canned food every time he comes around. I know he’ll never let us touch him, but hissing is not appropriate “thanks” for two years of free room and board.

When I last wrote about him in April, he wasn’t doing very well. After a couple months he got over whatever was ailing him. Then last month he had some type of upper-respiratory snottiness & sniffles. The poor guy looked terrible (drippy nose) and I could hear his snotty breathing from a few feet away. I decided to give him the Vetri-Lysine chewables the vet recommended for Raven’s URI-breakouts and they seems to have helped. I chop up two chewables and sprinkle them on top of his canned food. He enjoys them, so I continue to give him a couple each day in hopes that it will help him fight off the next bout of upper-respiratory illness.

Squatty on the neighbor's roofThe second photo shows him last weekend snoozing on the neighbor’s roof. Raven and I can see him from our bathroom window. He stayed up there for a couple hours until it started drizzling.

I have concerns about Squatty making it through this coming winter. It gets wet and cold here – sometimes below freezing. He’s taken care of himself for a long time, but he’s getting older and isn’t as healthy as he used to be. Last winter I put a blanket on the porch but he wouldn’t lay on it. He likes laying in our shredded redwood bark groundcover, so this year we’re going to get more ground cover or some hay and make thick piles in the dry areas next to the house. Hopefully it will help keep him warm, dry, and safe.

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Help animals with just a click.

Bag and Bowls from The Animal Rescue SiteLast week mom ordered a few items from The Animal Rescue Site. She got herself a paw-print tote bag that she can use in winter to carry her stuff to work. She also bought me a cute bowl, and got a second bowl as a gift for my cousin Pewter. She thought I’d like the box, but it’s nothing special.

The great thing about this site is that purchases  support a variety of causes. Mom shops using the Animals site, but you can support other causes including Hunger, Breast Cancer, Veterans, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Literacy, and the Rainforest. All the causes are listed on the site and you can easily shop among them.

For animals, one of their partners is the The Rescue Bank. Pet food manufacturers donate food that is nearing it’s “best by” date, has minor packaging defects, or is being rebranded. The food is still perfectly good, so this is a great way for manufacturers to reduce their inventory without the food going to waste.  The Animal Rescue Site pays for the food to be shipped to distribution centers, then non-profit animal shelters and rescues get the food for free!

Mom’s purchase funded 42 bowls of food for animals in need, and she didn’t have to do anything but buy stuff she was going to buy anyway.

You can help without buying anything.

The best part is  you can help without spending a single penny. You can “click to give” every day using the graphic below.  We have a smaller graphic in our sidebar so you can easily click whenever you visit our blog. Just one extra click while you’re reading anipal blogs can help support animal rescues. Go on, give it a try. Actually, it will be two clicks, but give it a try anyway and see how easy it is.

The Animal Rescue Site

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Sunday non-Selfie #4

I am not taking credit for this photo being a selfie. If I had taken the picture, I would have better prepared for a close-up by doing a little more grooming. As you can see there are several loose furs and lots of dust speckles around my eye. Being a black kitty comes with the added responsibility of lots of grooming to maintain my sleek, velvety appearance. I don’t want to be anything but the color I am, but I bet dust isn’t so obvious on non-black kitties. The next time mom wants to share the results of playing with her camera, I would appreciate if she checked with me first. Now that this ordeal is over, I must relax and begin my Sunday Easy. I hope you all have a great day.

Raven - dust and all

Today’s Sunday Selfie blog hop is hosted by Cat On My Head blog button

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Caturday Art – Felix and Smokey

Felix and Smokey were my first two kitties. I adopted Felix in 1994 when he was 4 months old. About a month later I adopted Smokey who was about 3 months old. They adored each other and Felix always looked out for his “little” sister. I say his “little” sister because Felix grew to become long & skinny 9-pound boy while Smokey grew to be a big (14+ pound) girl. In the image, Felix is on the right and Smokey on the left.

Felix and Smokey Caturday Art
Here are the original photos:

Smokey Felix






First I used Pho.to Summer Love collage and removed the ocean and star fish that came with the theme. After a little more cropping and fixing, I used Befunky and applied the Vignette edge.

Athena's Caturday Art Bloghop buttonClick the icon to go to Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. There are lots of great anipal artists who participate.

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Who stole my belly furs?

Raven's bare bellySomeone stole my belly furs and mom thinks it’s ok to embarrass me by showing my naked belly!

Mom really took the photo so she can keep track of my tummy fur situation. If you remember, a few weeks ago I wasn’t feeling well and had to go to the vet. I wasn’t eating or pooping and an x-ray showed my intestines might be a little thicker than they should be. My intestines are not moving things along as quickly as they should, and that doesn’t feel very good. There’s no other medical reason for my fur to be gone, so the vet suspects I was licking my tummy a lot trying to soothe it. Mom never saw me licking so he suggested I was a “closet licker”.  How did he know that my favorite snoozy spot is in the closet? And if I’m snoozing, how can I be licking my furs? Mom hopes the vet is right about me licking my fur off and now that I’m getting some medicine to keep things moving inside, I’ll feel better and hopefully my tummy will get floofy again.

p.s. I’m a little disappointed that dad tricked me during our snuggle time and aided & abetted mom in taking this photo.

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