My Caturday just got ruined.

Caturdays are supposed to be relaxing, but mine will be disrupted by a dog. Not only my Caturday, but all hope for a relaxing weekend just vanished! Mom is taking care of Chablis the neighbor’s Labrador Retriever from Friday afternoon through Sunday night. She’s annoying (the dog, not my mom).

Look at her, she’s so goofy!


And this is my view of her.

Chablis from my perspectiveShe’s big, never stops panting, and stares at me. Large portions of my weekend window time will be interrupted by this beast! She better not give me fleas. You almost never hear this, but I can’t wait for Monday. It’s a holiday and mom & dad will be home with me….and Chablis’ parents will be back home to take care of her. Purr for me please.

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Abandoned for for sea life and nature

Mom and Dad abandoned me for 32 hours this weekend. I know many kitties stay home alone for a weekend, but I’m not allowed to do that. Mom thinks I’ll get lonely all by myself so she arranged for my pet sitter to take care of me while they went to the coast to see a “Tentacles” exhibit at an aquarium.

Here are some of the things they saw.

There were many types of squid of all shapes and colors. This one had flowy fins and long tentacles.


And several different types of octopus like this one -


And a Nautilus - Squid

And lots of different types of jelly fish. These have really long tentacles and they look soft and inviting, but they’ll sting you!


And then they went for a nature walk and saw the ocean -


And lots of seals -
And the most unexpected sighting was a deer! The deer was very calm and was standing about 40 feet away. Lots of people visit this State park, so the deer are probably used to seeing people and it didn’t run away. They watched it for several minutes.

I’m glad they had a nice little trip, but I was happy when they came home. I like my pet sitter, and she thinks I’m a very sweet kitty and brushes and plays with me, but a pet sitter just isn’t the same as Mom & Dad.

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Drawing of Gizmo by Thomas at One Drawing Daily

I think this is perfect for the Caturday Art blog hop.

Thomas at One Drawing Daily created a fantastic ballpoint & watercolor drawing of our hamster Gizmo. I am completely lacking in artistic ability, so I’m thankful there are people who can create artwork to amuse and inspire. To see other drawings, visit Thomas’ website or his Facebook page.

Athena's Caturday Art Bloghop buttonClick the icon to go to Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. There are lots of creative anipals who participate.

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I’m helping with chores

Raven helping with laundry

I thought I’d help mom do the laundry. Now she doesn’t have to iron her pants.

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Getting to a healthy weight

Raven standing at window

I don’t like this photo because all my floof was trimmed off and  you can’t see my fluffy tail. But mom says it’s the only picture she has where I’m not sitting in my own floof and you can see my body.

Everyone knows it’s important to stay at a healthy weight and those of us who battle the bulge know how difficult it is to stay fit & trim. My ideal weight is just over 11 pounds but my weight had crept up to over 12 pounds. It doesn’t sound like much, but the extra weight makes it hard for me to jump up on the counter and I make a bit of a thud as I get down from my perches.

Since I’ve had problems with my back and sometimes have a bit of a limp on my front leg, I don’t need extra weight aggravating my joints. I’ve been trying to eat a little less and exercise more for quite a while, but my weight stayed the same.

Things changed when I had my teeth pulled and could eat only canned food while my mouth healed. I lost 3/4 pound during this unintentional “diet” and mom thought I’d gain the weight back as I began eating more dry food.  But instead of giving me a big bowl of dry food to munch on all day, I’ve been deprived I get about 20 pieces of dry food once or twice a day. Mom doesn’t want to eliminate the dry food from my diet because I really like it and my furs and skin stay very healthy on the combination of foods I eat.

I wish I could eat more of my dry food, but this new routine has kept that 3/4 pound off for almost 2 months. Without the extra weight it’s easier for me to jump onto the counter and I’m more graceful getting down from my perches. Playtime is a little more fun because I’m faster at chasing the wand toys.

Mom will be happy if I maintain my current weight (11 pounds 7 ounces), but the goal is for me to lose just a tiny bit more and be closer to 11 pounds. Maybe by that time all my floof will have grown back and you won’t be able to tell that I’m wasting away thinner.

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