Neighbor Jackie enjoying some petting

Remember Jackie, my confident neighbor kitty who moved in last Fall? She comes to our yard every day for sunshine, bird watching, and attention. Mom & Dad give her lots of petting and she’s so trusting that Mom can even pet her nose and tummy.

If you watch the video until the end (or fast forward), you can see Jackie is making biscuits.

Sorry, this isn’t the best video in the world. Mom was sitting on the driveway holding the camera in her left hand. Mom was petting Jackie for at least 5 minutes before thinking, “Let’s share a video! It will be a more uplifting blog post than Black Betta at the Rainbow Brook.” Jackie’s tail is a bit twitchy, but that’s because our peaceful petting was interrupted by a barking Sheltie walking by.

Mom thinks Jackie is a special kitty and is always honored that she allows tummy pets.


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Night-night Black Betta

Mom sent Black Betta to the Rainbow Brook last night. Black was a “veil tail” Betta with lacy fins.betta fish - black

Black Betta lived here for 18 months, which is a decent life for a fancy Betta. He’s been having trouble staying right-side up (he often floated on his side) for over a month and has been having a hard time swimming & eating for a couple weeks. Medication didn’t help and Mom decided his quality of life was poor so she put him out of his misery.

Instead of getting another fish right away, we’re going to move Orange Betta into Black’s tank. Orange Betta came here in May and we think he’ll enjoy having a larger tank with a super quiet filtration system. The tank also has a big piece of wood and more plants. It will take several days to complete the move with cleaning and getting the tank environment stable, but Orange should be in his new home by next weekend.

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Caturday Art

Mom is not artistic and doesn’t know how to be creative with my beautiful black furs, so she rarely participates in the Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. But after seeing some wonderful creations last week, she was inspired to try her hand using Lunapic.

Raven Caturday Art

She used the photo of me standing atop my cases of cat food from a previous post. After using three art effects: Scribble, Sadness, and Candy, she ended up with an artwork that turned out pretty good. What do you think?

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International Box Day

Mom doesn’t keep track of all the “days” celebrated across the blogsphere, but she saw lots of you celebrating International Box Day on Monday.

She was home from work and decided to join the party. Better late than never?

box protecting garden plants

I generally like boxes, but the ones my pet food is shipped in don’t interest me at all. Maybe they’re too flat or something, I don’t know, but I’ve never gotten inside one or shown any interest in them. This one was repurposed to protect our young basil plants from the scorching sun and heat we’re getting this week.

We’re on track to set a record for consecutive days over 100 in June — 9 days! It’s awful and we’re just trying to keep everything in the garden alive….not even thriving….just alive!  For those of you lucky enough to use the metric system,  100 F = nearly 38 C.

weather warning

We know a lot of you are experiencing very hot weather too. Please try to stay out of the heat and keep all living things safe and well watered.

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Disturbing Statue (silly & safe to view)

Mom & Dad are doing some maintenance in my yard, so they visited a local garden center to look at plants and statues. Mom thought this statue was a little disturbing.

Horsehead statue

It was almost life-sized and there were two of them sitting atop an outdoor dining area. Her only thought was, “Who would want decapitated horse heads on their dining table”?

Dad said they’re for people who enjoy watching The Godfather.

We’ll stick to statues of bunnies, hedgehogs, frogs, turtles, cats, & dogs.

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