A wedding, some rocks, and a black cat

Wedding photoThe past few days, my humans were in Colorado for a wedding. The handsome young man in the photo is my mom’s nephew, so I guess that makes him my uncle cousin. He married a lovely young lady that he’s known all through high school and college.

Mom & Dad were gone for 3-1/4 days and I stayed home getting lots of brushies, playtime, food (more than mom gives me), and attention from my pet sitter. I like her lots and she always tells mom how sweet I am.

Besides the wedding, mom & dad saw some scenery too.


The first is Red Rocks near Denver.

Red Rocks Colorado

And this is The Siamese Twins formation at the Garden of the Gods outside of Colorado Springs.
Garden of the Gods Colorado

Mom said she didn’t cheat on me with any other animals, not even my beagle-dog cousin Molly. Since some of the wedding activities were at Molly’s house, she had to go to a kennel so she wouldn’t be under foot. But mom still found a cat to take a photo with! At least it was a black kitty.

Lion Statue

I missed mom & dad lots and I’m glad they’re home. Now I can catch up with all of your blogs.

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Happy Father’s Day

Raven and Dad Father's Day Breakfast

I have the best Dad ever. He’s kind, gentle, plays with me, holds me, and always makes sure I’m safe. To show how much I love him, I helped mom make him a special breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and blueberry pancakes with home-grown blueberries.

I love you Daddy.


And Happy Father’s Day to all the other pet dads (and human dads too).

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International Box Day

My Dad made me a box for International Box Day (June 19).

It smells interesting. Raven International Box Day
Come on Dad. Whatcha waiting for? Raven International Box Day
This seems a little confusing. Raven International Box Day
Now it’s starting to take shape. Raven International Box Day
Looks like you’ve done this before. Raven International Box Day
Good job Dad! Raven International Box Day

It’s Perfect! Thanks!

Zoolatry Box Day BadgeI hope all of you who enjoy boxes have a box to play in today.

Ann of Zoolatry  designed this cute badge for International Box Day. I didn’t know doggies liked boxes. I wonder if box turtles like boxes? That’s too much thinking for a Friday.  I’m going back to enjoying my box.

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Caturday Art – Garden Collage

I’ve been sharing my flowers this week so I thought I’d do a Caturday Art collage of some of the flowers in my front yard.

Garden Flowers Collage

I thought a collage was a better idea than flower close-ups because it’s been very hot here the past few days and some of the flowers are looking a bit tired. Mom should have taken photos a few weeks ago to get them at their best. But you can see there’s a variety of daylilies, roses, and other flowers, plus lots of shrubs and trees. We don’t spray bug killer in our hard so the insects, birds, and even lizards enjoy using my yard as part of their home. Remember, daylilies are very toxic to cats, so no sniffing allowed.

If you’re interested in what the plants are, here’s the list:
Top Row: California Poppy – Chinese Fringe Flower – Rose – Rose
Bottom Row: Daylily – Daylily – Fortnight lily – Daylily

We have a couple more favorites to share, but those will have to wait for another day.

Athena's Caturday Art Bloghop buttonClick the icon to go to Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. There are lots of creative anipals who participate.

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Thursday in my garden

When I was reading Cory Cat Blog I saw something called the Society of Feline Gardeners. My mom does lots of gardening and sometimes I’m allowed in the garden to investigate what’s growing, so I hope it’s ok for any kitty to join the society and share our garden treasures. On Sunday I showed you the pretty flowers on my hydrangea plant and today I wanted to share more of the flowers that are blooming in my garden.

This is the flower from a Butterfly Bush. We used to have three of these plants, but we removed two of them to plant the blueberry garden. This plant is old and getting in the way, so it will probably be removed next year, but for now I’m enjoying the pretty purple flowers.Butterfly bush flower

Then there’s a vibrant yellow sunflower. I’m hoping that when the seeds mature the birds will eat them and I’ll have some entertaining bird tv. Remember the blueberry garden I mentioned? Well, the birds love those fruits so much that they stripped one of the plants bare before mom got to pick any of the berries. They also ate all the raspberries. Recently my “entertainment” has been seeing my mom try to chase the birds away, and it’s not been a pretty sight. Bird tv is much more graceful (and dignified).

SunflowerThe last flower I’ll share is one of our more interesting daylily flowers. We only have one daylily in the back yard where I’m allowed out on a harness, but I’m not allowed near the daylily because it is poisonous to cats. This is a photo in early spring when the plant (in the center) is small and there are lots of small primroses in front.

Daylily pre-bloom

When the daylily is ready to bloom, it has grown to about 4 feet across and all the spent primroses are covered.  The flower show lasts only a few weeks, but that’s part of what makes this plant so special. This plant may get moved to the front yard so I’d never encounter it on my outings.

DayLily in bloom

Here’s a close-up of a flower.


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my garden flowers. We have several more daylily varieties in the front garden and I hope mom gets photos of those for you.

Society of Feline Gardeners badge

Remember, pretty isn’t always safe. All types of Lilies and all parts of the plant – even the pollen - are extremely toxic to cats. “Ingesting any part of the plant can cause complete kidney failure in 36-72 hours. First symptoms appear in a few hours and may include appetite suppression, lethargy, vomiting.  Cats are especially sensitive to lily poisoning, so be very careful to keep your cats away from lilies of any kind.”  - from  UC Davis School of VetMedicine


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