Tuesday Toothday

February is Pet Dental Health Month, so a couple weeks ago I went to the vet to have him check my teeth.  My teeth are moderately dirty and I have a little bit of redness on my gums so Mom & the vet decided it was time for me to get my teeth cleaned. The vet said I needed one of my premolars extracted because it had a lesion or cavity.  We also discussed the options for treating my broken canine tooth. I broke that tooth before coming to this forever home.  By the way, why do felines have canine teeth? I think it should be called a feline fang. That sounds much more ferocious.

We consulted with a vet dentist to see if I could have a root canal on my broken tooth instead of pulling it. Vets don’t like to pull canine teeth because they have really deep roots and there can be complications when the teeth are pulled. But the vet dentist said the tooth was broken too long ago to do a root canal so the only treatment option was to pull it. Mom was a bit disappointed. A root canal would be much less traumatic for me and she though a gold crown would look fantastic with my gold eyes!

When I went to the vet this morning for my dental work, mom was still undecided about pulling the canine tooth because it’s rock solid in my jaw and doesn’t bother me at all. She and the vet agreed that if an x-ray or his probing showed any issues, he would remove that tooth. The x-ray showed that I had lost 2 to 3 mm of root from the tooth, so the vet decided to remove it. He said it came out without too much trouble and there weren’t any complications. He said my little premolar was just as hard to remove as that big tooth.

After a long day at the vet’s (6 hours) I’m home recovering. I will take antibiotics for 10 days and I got some pain medication for 5 days. As you can see, I’m still a bit groggy from the anesthesia but I’m sure I’ll look much better after a good night’s sleep.

Raven groggy from dental work

I hope all of you have the opportunity to have your teeth looked at and have any problems treated. Besides the stinky breath from tartar and infection, bad teeth can effect your entire body, including your heart and kidneys. And bad teeth can hurt.  We know it can be expensive to have a dental cleaning but early treatment and prevention of dental disease is well worth the expense so that you can live a healthier, and hopefully longer life.

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Google made me Giggle

I was using google to view the front of our house, and I saw that the neighbors got their picture taken by the Google car as it was mapping the neighborhood. They are outside every day playing fetch with their standard poodle Allie. Google software automatically blurs people’s faces and I thought it was funny that Allie’s poodle face was recognized and blurred out.

Allie the neighbor's poodle on google maps

Then I found another view taken as the car drove farther down the street, but this time her face wasn’t blurred. I wonder if Allie knows the whole world can see how beautiful she is?

Allie the neighbor's poodle on google maps

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Beer & Dog Lovers

Dad’s “giant” friend Ron came to visit yesterday and he brought a bottle of beer to share. We thought it was perfect for Valentines Day because it was a special bottle produced by Rogue Brewery to honor the memory of Brewer, their doggy companion. The bottle comes with a dog tag with the dates of doggy’s life. This beer was produced in 2008 but Rogue Brewery sponsors an annual festival to help raise funds for local animal charities.

Rogue ale 2008 bottle  Rogue ale 2008 bottle

I’m not doing anything special for Valentine’s Day – just enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and getting lots of open window time.  I hope you all are having a great Caturday.

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The start of a good day

Breakfast on our porch followed by a nap in the sun across the street. Today is starting out to be a lovely day for Squatty the Stray.

Squatty in the sun

I heard rumors that I’m going to the vet this afternoon so he can look at my teeth. My day may not be as relaxing as Squatty’s.

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Another good hidey spot discovered

Raven under the tableMom folded up her blanket and put it on the shelf beneath the coffee table in the living room. I thought it looked comfy, so I got up on it to take a little snooze. Mom was laying on the floor right next to me and she never would have know I was there except she heard me me making little wheezy noises. I do that when I sleep all curled up.

First she looked up on the couch to see if I was in my blue bed, but I wasn’t there. I wasn’t on top of the couch, and I wasn’t sitting with dad either. As she turned back towards the t.v. she happened to catch sight of me under the table.

One of the most fun things about being a black kitty is that you can hide in plain sight. I wasn’t trying to hide, but she never would have know I was there if I hadn’t made noise. If I could figure out how to stop making little wheezy noises when I sleep she’d never find me.

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