Nutmeg is all smiles

Hi mom, can I come out of my cage? Nutmeg hamster Drawbridge down…Ready or not, here I come!Nutmeg hamster

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Saturday Photo Hunt – Ginormous

My Eddie Bear was Ginormous.

Eddie Bear But most importantly, he had a ginormous heart.
Eddie Bear snuggling dad

Today’s photo hunt begins here.

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Concern for Squatty

We’re concerned about our stray kitty Squatty, who isn’t looking very healthy. He comes around almost every day, but he’s not eating nearly as much as he used to and he appears thin and tired.  He used to eat 3/4 can of food for breakfast and dinner and now he’s barely eating a couple tablespoons. Granted, we’ve gone from winter to spring, but he needs to eat a lot more than that to stay healthy. Squatty laying in the rocksHe usually hangs out on the porch or beneath some shrubs, but today he decided to lay on a concrete strip of edging in our rose garden. It doesn’t look comfortable and I’ve never seem him lay there before. Cats seeking unusual locations is often a sign that they’re not feeling well, so that’s another clue that something isn’t right.

Unfortunately, he won’t let anyone get near him and he’s wary of anything new (like a cage to trap him in), so there’s no way to get him to a vet to see if there’s something we can do for him.  At least he seems to know he’s safe in our yard and can always get food and fresh water.

Please send some good purr vibes Squatty’s way. I think he could use them.

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I’m bored

Raven sleeping on the couch
And facing the other way isn’t any more exciting.
Raven sleeping on the couch

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Double Booked for Death – Book Review

book imageWhile I was away from home for a couple weeks, I read Double Booked for Death by Ali Brandon. The story features a black cat named Hamlet who is the mascot of a bookstore. Hamlet is feisty and smart, and has a talent for leaving clues to help his new owner Darla and her friends solve a murder mystery.

I enjoyed the characters, plot, and writing style of this book, and Hamlet is an interesting feline character who has great ”catitude”.  This is the first book in a new series: A Black Cat Bookshop Mystery and I’m looking forward to reading the next book.

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