Litterbox Emotional Rollercoaster

RavenMom has been extra vigilant about monitoring my litter box ever since I started feeling poorly a few weeks ago. She doesn’t worry too much when things are unusual for a day or two, but if my litter box habits change for much longer than that, she becomes concerned and starts taking notes. These past weeks, her calendar has lots of notes in it.

The last few days, by litter box has caused a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s been almost 3 days since I pooped and mom said if I didn’t poop by morning, she’d have to call the vet.

Around 8pm I went into my box while she was taking a shower (we share the bathroom) and she was excited to hear me scratching my litter. But then she realized it still smelled pretty nice in the bathroom. I’m not insulted that she’s letting you all know my poop doesn’t smell like roses. It’s not terrible smelling, but it is poop, and there’s no escaping that! Anyway, she got sad and disappointed when she got out of the shower and confirmed that I had only peed. She told dad about my non-productive trip to the box and said she was getting very concerned about me.

But then I went into the bathroom when she was busy and didn’t notice. Dad saw me and let mom know I did something in there. Sure enough, I pooped! Mom scooped and made notes about the outcome of my visit  (normal size but really dry). Then she gave me a big snuggle and told me how glad she was that I pooped.  I was glad to be able to make my mom so happy. And I must admit I feel a little better now that I’ve pooped.

Mom firmly believes that knowing what goes in and out of my body will help her know if something might be wrong. She cleans the litter box at least twice a day - once in the morning, and once before bedtime. Three pees and a poop is normal for me, and anything different makes her pay closer attention.  When things aren’t normal, she takes notes about the size of my pee clumps and the amount & consistency of my poop so that she can let the vet know what’ going on.

Even thought I pooped tonight, mom’s going to call the vet tomorrow to discuss my new poop habits. Since the vet suspects I have some type of bowel health issue, they need to have a chat about what to do next. My bowel habits changing from once a day to once every three days is a big change, and she thinks I need something to help keep things moving. Her first kitty had intestinal cancer and the first sign that he was sick is that he had to go to the hospital because he was constipated. She’s praying I don’t have the same problem, but whatever the issue, we’ll figure out the best way to keep me happy and healthy.

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Unhealthy animals in the news, and a proactive approach to helping low income pet owners

Little Dude the very obese catA little while ago I posted about a kitty who was starved, and this week I ran across a kitty who has been overfed to the point where he can barely walk. His name is Little Dude and his foster mom set up a Facebook page where people can follow his progress.  He’s currently in the hospital due to a fever but hopefully they’ll get that under control and get him back on the path to good health.

There’s always the chance that this kitty has a medical condition that contributed to his becoming obese. But I’d be willing to bet he was grossly overfed. It’s just so sad to see a pet in such poor condition. The video clip of him walking a little, then laying down panting is heartbreaking. But at least he’s in a new home and has a chance at becoming more healthy.

You can follow Little Dude and even suggest a new name for him. His foster mom thinks he should have a new name for his new adventure in life.

We hope this beautiful kitty does well and has a fantastic future ahead of him.

On a related animal health note, today our newspaper ran an article about community outreach by the local SPCA to assist and educate pet owners in a particularly problematic part of town about the services that are available to them. The ASPCA is funding a project where pet owners can get free spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, dog training, and pet food. People in this part of town typically have limited income and often don’t have transportation to veterinary services. If the owner chooses to participate, a volunteer will come pick up their pet, take it for medical services, then return the pet home. The article says that similar outreach program in other cities have been very successfully, so we’re hoping this works in our neck of the woods.

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Such Indignities

This is what I must endure twice daily.  Look closely, there are bubbles of drool dripping from my chin. And that’s just a little bit of what foams from my mouth after mom gives me my medicine.  I don’t know why they think this stuff tastes ok. Mom gets it all the way in the back of my mouth, but it’s still awful.

Raven drooling

Mom thinks she’s helping by giving me a little bit of water to help rinse this stuff down, but I don’t appreciate having more stuff squirted in my mouth when all I want to do is spit and shake. At least mom has a paper towel at the ready to wipe this gaggy, slimy stuff off my chin so it doesn’t get on my fluffy neck furs.  Only a few mores days of this torment and I’ll be done with the medicine. That day can’t come soon enough for me.

Raven drool clean-up

And yes, I ended up with the sneezies after my trip to the vet. But I surprised mom by eating the Vetri Lysine Plus chewables.  I’ve eaten only one other treat before, so mom thought I’d refuse these, but they taste good. They are supposed to help lessen the effects of my respiratory virus and I think they may be working because I’m not getting as sick as I did last time. Mom ordered two more bags for me. I also share them with Squatty the stray. He’s had a bad respiratory issue for weeks (mom can hear the snotties in his nose as he breathes). After about 4 days eating 4 chews a day, his stuffy nose started clearing up. The lysine chews can’t hurt, and maybe they’re actually helping both of us.

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Caturday Art

I used PicMonkey and applied the Orton filter. Simple, but it makes the background more subtle and brings the focus to Raven’s cute, pink tongue.
Raven's pink tongue
See more photos at Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop

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Raven is getting better

I wanted to let everyone know that Raven is doing much better. She’s eating, drinking, using her litter box, and is pretty much back to  her normal playful behaviors. It’s wonderful seeing her eyes bright and attentive again.

Unfortunately, she has to take a liquid medication (metronidazole) that makes her slobber like a mastiff! I know the pill is very bitter, but I tasted this liquid and it doesn’t taste bitter to me. But she obviously doesn’t like it and I had to wipe slobber off the walls after the first couple doses. Her Dad and I worked out a method where he holds her and I give the medicine and stand at the ready with a paper towel until she’s done frothing. I called the vet to ask him to call in a prescription for the pill form, but apparently he has a non-work life and went on vacation.  Oh well, we’ll muddle through, but if she ever needs to take this medication again, I’ll definitely get the pill form.

I’ve been re-educating myself about inflammatory bowel disease.  My first kitty Felix had intestinal small cell lymphoma, and I hope with all my heart we’re not heading down that path again. I’ve read that probiotics can be helpful for all types of bowel disorders and I’ll start Raven on them as soon as I can. Proviable or BeneBac Plus seem to be two brands that are reliable and I’ve seen recommended by vets. If any of you use a particular brand of probiotic that you’ve been happy with, please let me know.

P.S.  After writing this post I saw the sad news about Sparkle’s passing. She was an awesome kitty ambassador and will be greatly missed. Our condolences go to her family during this heartbreaking time.

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