Thankful Thursday

Today, we’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thurdsay Blog Hop.

Neighbor kitty at the catnip

This was the second neighborhood kitty to visit the catnip pot in my backyard in about 20 minutes. This guy looked up to say thanks.

I’m  thankful that I’m feeling better. The vet called and said my urine culture came back with E. coli and the antibiotic I’m on should take care of it. We’re all thankful that we should get over this little hurdle pretty easily.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday – Beautiful eyes

Raven's yellow eyes

Mom (and Dad) have never been so relieved to see my beautiful yellow eyes.

It’s taken 4 days for the 24-hour pain medication to get out of Raven’s system. I think there’s still some effect but her behavior and her eyes are noticeably improved.

We’re still waiting on urine culture results but she’s taking a broad-spectrum antibiotic so I’m hoping it will take care of whatever bacteria shows up in her urine culture. Raven is acting much more like her usual self. She’s eating again and urinating more normally (no little marble-sized pee balls).

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Raven’s visit to the regular vet

The Urination Situation

Mom & Dad took me to my regular vet today. It’s a 30 minute car ride but it’s much calmer and quieter there with just a few animals and staff. If you remember, I went to the hectic & noisy emergency vet on Saturday because I was frequently peeing small amounts.

The regular vet said his initial test shows some blood in my urine and I’m not concentrating my urine like normal. The dilute urine might be left-over from the fluids the emergency vet gave me on Saturday, but he doesn’t think that’s the case. He sent my urine sample and blood out for more thorough testing and we’ll get the results tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m starting an antibiotic and waiting for the pain medication to leave my system.

About this pain medication

The pain medication I was given was supposed to last only 24 hours, but it’s approaching 48 hours and my pupils are still dilated (about 2 mm less than yesterday) and I’m still agitated and not acting like my normal self. If you compare today’s and yesterday’s photos, you can see my pupils are still very dilated but I don’t appear to be quite so traumatized or startled. I’m really glad it’s cloudy outside and Mom & Dad are keeping the lights off for me so I don’t suffer from the bright lights. I could close my eyes if I weren’t wired and agitated. I’ve barely slept in the last 2 days.

Raven's dilated eyes

Mom here:

I’m not happy with the adverse effects of the pain medication that Raven was given. Simbadol is an opiate pain medication (buprenorphine) that can be injected once daily for up to three days for pain control in cats. It was recently approved for use in cats.  I’ve used oral buprenorhine before and had no problems with it. After more reading, I don’t think Simbadol was an appropriate drug to use in this situation. It seems more appropriate for post-surgery pain (moderate to severe pain) and Raven was not demonstrating any obvious signs of pain when she was using the litter box. Granted, cats are excellent at hiding pain, and I’m 100% in favor of appropriate pain control, but this seems to have been much too strong a drug for Raven. Or, Raven may be extremely sensitive to it and very slow at clearing it from her system.

I’m not saying Simbadol is a bad drug. My personal philosophy is to use the mildest, safest, shortest-acting drug that will be effective. Based solely on Raven’s reaction, Simbadol is not a drug I would use again unless she were in serious pain. If your vet recommends Simbadol, I suggest discussing if it is truly needed for the level of pain your pet may be experiencing or if there is a milder or shorter acting drug that may be effective.

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This is your brain on drugs – Sunday Selfie

Raven with dilated eyes due to pain medication
Any questions?

Mom here: Raven is replying to a lot of comments on yesterday’s post and she may reply to some here. She’s still under the influence of the pain medication. Hopefully you aren’t too confused by her drug-induced creative writing. I’m glad I didn’t give her the second medication (which can have side effects) – I wouldn’t know what’s causing what.

We’re joining The Cat On My Head’s blog hop this week.

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Just when everything was going so well.

I’m pretty good at smacking my spongy ball out of the air when Mom tosses it to me, but apparently I can’t catch “a break”.

Just as we are getting my allergy issues under control I started having peeing issues. Friday after work, mom realized I had been doing lots of tiny little pees instead of my usual 3 times per day pee balls. Our regular vet doesn’t have weekend hours but Mom didn’t want to wait until Monday to take me in, just in case I have an infection or something that could get much worse.

After calling several vets, she managed to get an appointment at a 24 hour vet hospital (avoiding the $150 emergency walk-in fee). It is a gold-level “Cat Friendly Practice” certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, but I didn’t agree.

Sure, I got my own little waiting area, but that didn’t prevent me from being scared by the extremely energetic, barking, whining, growling (I’m not exaggerating) dog beasts that were on the other side of the waiting room. My Golden Retriever brother Bentley never made as much noise in his entire life as those dogs made in 30 minutes! It was so bad that Mom was about to ask if we could be moved to an exam room to wait.

I got my own room, but even though I had an appointment, I had to wait another 20+ minutes for the vet, who apologized and said she was dealing with an emergency. Ok, that happens but I would have thought the vets with appointments are not the same as vets who are taking emergencies, but obviously I was wrong, or they needed all hands on deck. Whatever, we finally had the vet’s attention. After the vet examined me and said I probably have Feline Idopathic Cystitis I had to wait again for the diagnostic/treatment estimate, even though Mom had already told the vet what she wanted to do – no tests, just sub-q fluids, pain med injection, and “anti spasm” medication to calm my bladder.

I had to wait again before the tech came to give me fluids, and Mom only allowed her to take me after the vet tech assured her that it would take less than 15 minutes and I would be kept in a quiet treatment area away from any noisy dogs.

Mom & Dad are very protective of me because I become stressed at the vet, especially if it’s noisy. If I get too stressed, I will have an episode of  upper respiratory virus issues (sneezy snotties) a few days after the vet visit and I’ll be sicker than when I went in!

After all was said and done, it took 1.5 hours for a simple exam and sub-q fluids! I managed to survive, but since Mom declined any diagnostics, Mom will call my regular vet Monday morning for an appointment.

You may be wondering why Mom declined the diagnostics but it was a matter of practicality and keeping me from too much stress. We had taken in a tiny urine sample that the vet saw was clear, so she did not suspect an infection. And they would not get urinalysis results back until Monday, which is when I can probably see my regular vet and have him do a complete work-up with the tests he thinks are necessary for a diagnosis and treatment plan.   Everything at this place was taking so long and it was so noisy that Mom & Dad did not want me staying there any longer than necessary.

The noise made my head rattle

After a stressful outing, I’m home, with a big lump of fluids on my side and a brain full of anti-pain loopy meds. Mom has to give me the anti-spasm medication and I hope it doesn’t taste disgusting.   Oh…snickerdoodles! Mom just called the vet and this medication has chicken flavoring so I can’t take it (and we said I have fish & chicken allergies). We’ll wait to see what my regular vet recommends.

I hope you all had a much more relaxing Caturday than I did. I’m sure my Easy Sunday will be much better, even though it’s stormy here and I have No sunpuddles.

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