Squatty’s Winter Straw Bed

It’s getting cold, windy, and rainy here so we wanted to try to give Squatty the Stray someplace a little warmer to snooze. He won’t get on a blanket or go into a shelter, so we thought a pile of straw might feel non-threatening and cozy for him. Our yard has a thick layer of shredded redwood mulch, so we thought straw might be a texture that would be somewhat familiar to him.

Squatty has been curling up beneath our dining room window. This is a safe spot for him because it’s set back into an “L” of our house that’s sheltered by the deep eaves of the roof. This area also allows him to see anything that’s approaching like a dog, cat, raccoon, or person, and there’s enough space to escape so that he probably doesn’t feel trapped. 

He was laying directly in front of the house vent, so while he was eating on the porch I made a little pile of straw next to where he had been laying. I figured this would give him a chance to smell the straw and lay on it, but if he didn’t like it he still had his spot. I needn’t have been concerned because when he went back to his sleeping spot after dinner, he was laying on the straw! Since he didn’t hesitate to use the straw, the next day I made the pile much bigger so he could snuggle in. He’s been using it for two days now and we’re pretty sure he’s sleeping there at night. 

Squatty the Stray's straw bedSquatty the Stray's straw bed

I think he’d stay completely dry and more protected from the wind if his straw pile was in the right-hand corner so I will get more straw and make him another pile in the corner. Maybe he doesn’t like the corner because he doesn’t have as good sight-lines and feels trapped. But at least he will have the option of another snuggly area.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

If looks could kill!
Raven looking annoyed in the yard

Raven is actually enjoying a November day out in the sunshine.

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Monday Mischief: Art or accident?

Raven likes to push her dry food out of the bowl as she eats. Her current bowl is an oval-shaped cat with ears, and every day there is one piece of dry food sitting on the cat’s right ear. I don’t know if she does this on purpose, or if it’s just an accident, but every day I clean up her stray kibbles and the next day there’s always another piece of food on the right ear.

Today she left three pieces of food on the cat’s ear and she gave the kitty bowl a little mouth.

Raven's food bowl

Do you think Raven is being artistic or are her kibble arrangements are an accident?


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Did someone mention a pool?

Austin’s comment on my last post reminded me of some other photos. I had a pool for our Golden Retriever Bentley that Eddie Bear and Smokey liked to investigate.

Eddie Bear enjoyed drinking from a glass, mug, cat bowl, dog bowl, or pool.

Eddie Bear drinking from Bentley's pool

Smokey loved to play with water and was very adventurous. She’d play in the shower, put her toys in her water dish, or hop onto a stepping stone that I put in Bentley’s pool for her.

Smokey in Bentley's pool

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Wordless Wednesday: Eddie Bear at Bentley’s water bowl

Eddie Bear at Bentley's waterbowl

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