Litter box adventure?

I know this post is a bit strange, but the sight of Raven’s litter box made me laugh.

This is what Raven’s litter box looks like after I clean it twice daily. Nice and tidy and smooth, like a zen garden.

This is what I saw later.

Raven's excavated litter box

I have no idea why she felt the need to excavate through 3 inches of litter, but it must have amused her. Then again, I’m the one who is easily amused! Maybe I need to get out more. No…staying home with a cat is too much fun.

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Sun-streaked Saturday

Raven in window

After several days of rainy weather with no sunshine, I’m finally getting to enjoy a sliver of sunpuddle.  I even have the window cracked open a few inches for some fresh, crisp air. The sun comes and goes, but at least I get to enjoy it for a little while today. You also get to see lots of my toes and all of my floof. This photo makes me look bigger than a porpoise, but it’s a lot of floof, honest.

I hope you all are having a relaxing Saturday.

p.s. Freya’s surgery went well. She went home the next day and even produced a poop from her new opening. She will still have medical issues to deal with, but she’s over the first hurdle.

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#ForFreya – a special little kitten having live-saving surgery today.

Freya kittenToday we’re sending purrs and healing thoughts for Freya, a little kitten with a rare birth defect who is having major surgery today. Freya was born with a life-threatening malformation of her intestinal and reproductive tract that prevents her from passing stool. Freya was rescued as tiny kitten and cared for by Robin of  Kitten AssociatesFor two months, Robin has been diligently and lovingly caring for this little girl and kept her healthy until she was big enough to have her first surgery.

We have our paws crossed that the expertise of Dr. Pavletic in Boston can help this precious little kitten have a long, healthy life.

You can read about Freya on Freya’s Facebook page. She is an adorable and spunky little kitten and you’ll be amazed at her zest for life.

Purrs #ForFreya

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Sunday Selfie – Raven’s New Bowtie

I needed a little help taking these selfies, but I wanted to show off my new bow tie from Kitty Cat Chronicles. Their mom is really talented and made this one especially for me.

I like wearing it as a side bow so you can see it. The gold color complements my eyes.

Raven with gold bowtieHere it is from behind. You can see how pretty the bow tie is.

Raven bowtie

When I wear it in front, my long neck furs cover it up so dad had to help me show it off. I don’t know what the camera did to my eyes – they look really strange – but don’t worry, dad’s not squeezing me too tight. Raven bowtieI think my new bow tie will be fun to wear for special occasions. And when I wear my bow tie I can be happy that some of the proceeds from the bow ties are donated to an animal charity.

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Caturday Art & Sepia Saturday

I never thought I’d be able to get an image of Raven that I liked as either black & white (she’d be all black) or in sepia. I was playing with Pixlr solarize and sepia effects and accidentally created something I really like.

Raven in Sepia

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