A gift for mom

When mom came home, I gave her a gift to let her know I missed her and was glad she’s home. It’s a book titled “If Kittens Could Talk: Purr and Simple”.  It has pictures of kittens with little phrases.

Her favorite is:

Now I have you in my clutches!

kitten image

Sometimes, when mom or dad try to pet my tummy too much, I have them in my clutches. But mom likes this page because it also looks like “Now I have you wrapped around my paws!” And that’s just the way it should be.

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18 days without mom

Mom, where are you?

18. That’s the number of days I was without my mom again.  Dad was away for only the first 5 days, but mom had to stay away longer to take care of some human family stuff.  I had a pet sitter come by twice a day when both mom & dad were gone, and she gave me lots of pettings and attention. But I was glad when Dad came home, and then even more glad when mom finally got home.  I slept on the bed with her all night and even cuddled this morning until 9am. That’s really late for us, but I had produced a hairball around 5am, so I didn’t have any reason to get up!

Now that mom is back, we can catch up on visiting all our anipals’ blogs. I’ve missed all of you too.

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Caturday Art

Mom used PicMonkey to add some fireworks and then soften my image just a smidge.  The highlights on my forehead and nose are from the surrounding light. I think it looks kind-of romantic.

Raven in a romantic setting

Here’s the original photo:

Raven original

You can see more Caturday art at Athena’s blog hop.


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Two Little Nibblets

Even though my hamster housemates have huge cages, Mom believes they need to get out in order to prevent them from getting what she calls “cage brain” – feeling confined with nothing but the same thing day after day after day. I sometimes get to put on my harness and go in the backyard for a new adventure, so I guess it’s only right that Nutmeg and Portland get to scurry around in their jailyard cells.

Nutmeg and Portland in their jailyards

Usually only Nutmeg comes out, but the other night Portland wanted to come out too. With a little guiding from mom, they eventually got next to each other. Portland wasn’t very interested, but Nutmeg was very curious about the other hamster smell. This the first time they’ve met face-to-face and they were friendly to each other so I guess they’re feeling safe in their little hamster territories.

Nutmeg and Portland hamsters

p.s. I still want to pounce on them!

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Happy Father’s Day

I have the best Dad in the whole world.

He’s lots of fun.

Dad and I have fun together

Raven playing with Dad

And he gives great snuggles.

Dad cuddling me

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and to all the other pet dads out there.

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