British Shorthair Postage Stamp from Monaco

Mom added some new stamps to her collection. This stamp from Monaco features a British Shorthair and commemorates the 2014 International Feline Exposition.

Monaco British Shorthair 2014

She ordered it from the Monaco postal service, and since most of the cost is just to have the stamps mailed to the United States, she also ordered an interesting jelly fish stamp sheet.
Monaco Jelly Fish souvenir sheetMom & Dad like ocean life, especially jelly fish. One of their favorite places to visit is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which has a well known jelly fish exhibit. I think it would be fun to visit this big fish tank and watch the graceful jellies float around.

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Sunday sunshine

Today is a much better day. The rain has stopped and I’ve been able to enjoy a bit of sunshine.

Raven in sunny window

Purrs to all of you who are digging out from snow. Hopefully you’re all safe & warm and getting to work tomorrow won’t be too much of an ordeal.

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Dreary Caturday

I finally get to rejoin you on my blog, but it’s with great sadness. It’s so rainy and dreary outside that I can’t bear to look. I yearn for a sunpuddle to bask in.

Raven on a rainy Saturday

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a sliver of sunlight.

weather graphic

I hope those of you in the eastern U.S. are staying safe and warm out of the blizzard.

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I’m getting crowded by fish!

I thought this blog was supposed to be about me, but I’m starting to wonder when I’ll get top billing again. As you saw in my last two posts, we added three betta fish to the family: Red, Blue, and Violet (who is healthy now). And now I have three more!

The additional fish came about because Dad, who’s a fish guy, wanted to upgrade the fish tanks. Mom sighed and said “ok”. Telling Dad to not upgrade a tank is like telling mom I have too many perches. But she didn’t want to store the original tanks, so she suggested we keep both sets of tanks running and just get more fish!

Pearl is pearlescent with a hint of apricot color.

Betta fish - pearlLarry  is green and has black outlines that make all his scales look distinct.

betta fish - larry

And then there’s Black. He’s a “veil tail” betta with lacy fins. Mom says it’s hard taking good photos of black cats, but taking good photos of black fish is almost impossible.

betta fish - black

Can you believe mom is reading about how to enrich their lives? Many people think bettas just need a bowl of water, but Mom says bettas are intelligent and can get bored. So each fish gets several plants and a piece of wood or rock to investigate. Mom read that some fish will roll a marble around the bottom of their tank, will play with a floating ping pong ball, and some can be trained to swim through hoops. Most will eat from your fingers, but that’s easy to “train” because they’re little pigs.  If you put interesting things outside their tank, they’ll get excited and swim around investigating it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our diversion into the underwater world of fish. Mom & Dad said these 6 fish are the limit because 6 tanks (plus a salt water coral & fish tank) is a lot to take care of.  Besides, there’s no room for more tanks. I’m having to share my kitchen counter with three fish, and I can’t even eat them.

p.s. If mom starts trying to train fish to jump through hoops, I’m sending her for professional counseling.

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Bettas – Violet is better. Red and Blue are happy fish.

It’s taken over 2 weeks, but Violet betta seems to have turned the corner and is doing better. He’s been on a special diet and his constipation seems to have cleared up. Bettas have a very short digestive tract and when they get constipated, it effects their swim bladder, which is the organ that helps them maintain proper buoyancy. Constipation is a common problem in Bettas, so we’ll have to watch Violet carefully and try to prevent him from getting clogged up again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with fish, you’d think his poop factory would be at the end of his body just before his tail fin. But Betta’s fins are deceptive and his poop factory is in front of his flowy bottom fin, about 1/2 inch behind his eye!

For the past 2 weeks, Violet was not a happy (or healthy) fish. He was listing 90-degrees sideways and couldn’t swim to the bottom of his tank. Now he’s more active, he’s staying vertical, and can swim up and down in the tank.  

Violet Betta

Here are a couple video snippets of my fish being fish. They can be entertaining, especially when they fluff up their fins like Red does at the end of the first video. Violet is on the right, and first in the video. Violet is less active than the other fish, but hopefully he’ll get his strength and body condition back quickly and be a big bruiser like Red and Blue.

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