Happy Halloween

Halloween collage

No kitties were upset in the making of this blog post. Both Raven and Sammi were yawning and Smokey was chattering at a bird.

Stay safe everyone. Costumes are fun, but make sure your pet is safe, supervised, and Happy wearing one, even if just for a quick photo. Keep candy and decorations out of reach, and keep everyone safe in the house away from the trick-or-treat chaos.

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Monday Mischief – I want my box back

There was mischief going on in our house, but it wasn’t me.

Last week I got my 10-year birthday present. It was a huge scratcher and the cavernous box it came in.

Raven's scratcher and box
The scratcher is great, and so is the box!

Raven in scratcher box

Because she recycled my last favorite box before I was done using it, Mom said I get to keep this box as long as I want.

The only problem is, she’s hogging it!
Mom in my birthday boxThis isn’t the first time mom has stolen my box. I think mom enjoys getting boxes as much as I do, and she doesn’t mind causing a little mischief.

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No Sunday Selfie – We’re getting a pig!

Mom said there’s no time for a special Sunday Selfie today. I think she’s getting the house ready to get a pig. I’ve heard some people have pot-bellied pigs as pets, but I hope mom & dad don’t expect me to share my scratchers & beds with a pig.

Mom is picking up everything off the floors and counters, cleaning the kitchen, and she has out both sucky monsters. She swept and vacuumed my potty room, the washing machine is running, and she said the mop is coming out next. It’s crazy around here and I don’t know what to do.

I wonder when the pig is coming.

No Raven, we’re not getting a pig. I said this place looks like a pig sty! Today you can try to find a quiet corner to spend an Easy Sunday while I clean and make your house look like a proper home again! And don’t worry, I won’t recycle your big birthday box. 

Oh, thank goodness! Those things are huge and have hard feet. I wouldn’t mind living with another nice, big friendly dog, but not a pig.

Today’s Sunday Selfie blog hop is hosted by The Cat on My Head Cat On My Head blog button

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Caturday Art – Cosmic Raven

I thought I’d push my artistic boundaries and try to create something more colorful today. I used PicMonkey and applied the sketch – colorize filter to Raven, then applied the Space effect. Caturday Art

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My Birthday Present Is Here!

A big box was delivered today and Mom said it was my birthday present. She ordered it from the Amazon forest on the 14th and my birthday was the 16th, so there was no way it would get here on time with the free shipping option. But that’s ok because I amused myself with some new feather toys, a little box from some books she ordered for herself, and a lizard I found in the house.

The box was nice and sturdy to sit on and do some grooming.

Dad helped me open the box to see what was inside.

Wow, look at how big that scratcher is! I’ll walk over and check it out.

Or maybe I’ll check out the cavernous box.

It’s fun hiding in here. You wouldn’t be able to see me if mom turned off the camera flash.

That’s better. Not perfect, but better. She turned the flash away from me but not off.

Ok, I’ll come out and investigate the scratcher again.

It’s very sturdy and spacious. But the box is calling me. Even my new feather toy can’t distract me from that big, inviting box.

I haven’t decided which one I like more – the scratcher or the box. Ok, I like the box more but I’m sure I’ll like the scratcher too. I’ll help you find a good place for the scratcher and please don’t throw away my box until I’m done playing in it ok?  Thanks for my present mom. You made turning 10 years old very special.

Raven’s birthday present is the PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge. Raven also has the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge – Deluxe and has enjoyed using it for a couple years.  She’s too big to fit inside the ends, so I decided to get her this large, open scratcher – lounge. Raven uses the deluxe scratcher more as a lounger and as a step up to her window seat. She only does a little scratching on it so it still looks really nice. I expect she’ll use this new jumbo version more as a lounger too, but it will also be good when she gets the urge to scratch.  The box was a bit dinged up during shipping, but the lounger was fully wrapped in bubble wrap so it arrived in perfect condition.

As stated on The Typist page, I don’t get any products for free, wasn’t compensated, and don’t have affiliate links. Although, if PetFusion wanted to send my cousin Pewter one of these I’m sure she’d enjoy it!  I sent her the deluxe model as a house-warming gift when she moved into her new house and she loves it. 

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