Raven is getting better

I wanted to let everyone know that Raven is doing much better. She’s eating, drinking, using her litter box, and is pretty much back to  her normal playful behaviors. It’s wonderful seeing her eyes bright and attentive again.

Unfortunately, she has to take a liquid medication (metronidazole) that makes her slobber like a mastiff! I know the pill is very bitter, but I tasted this liquid and it doesn’t taste bitter to me. But she obviously doesn’t like it and I had to wipe slobber off the walls after the first couple doses. Her Dad and I worked out a method where he holds her and I give the medicine and stand at the ready with a paper towel until she’s done frothing. I called the vet to ask him to call in a prescription for the pill form, but apparently he has a non-work life and went on vacation.  Oh well, we’ll muddle through, but if she ever needs to take this medication again, I’ll definitely get the pill form.

I’ve been re-educating myself about inflammatory bowel disease.  My first kitty Felix had intestinal small cell lymphoma, and I hope with all my heart we’re not heading down that path again. I’ve read that probiotics can be helpful for all types of bowel disorders and I’ll start Raven on them as soon as I can. Proviable or BeneBac Plus seem to be two brands that are reliable and I’ve seen recommended by vets. If any of you use a particular brand of probiotic that you’ve been happy with, please let me know.

P.S.  After writing this post I saw the sad news about Sparkle’s passing. She was an awesome kitty ambassador and will be greatly missed. Our condolences go to her family during this heartbreaking time.

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Raven is a Mojito cat!

This YouTube video by Jackson Galaxy explains some basic personality types of cats. I was surprised that Raven is the Mojito cat, which is the type of cat that is well-adjusted and confident in their ownership of their surroundings. I think of Raven as being a bit timid or shy, but I guess that’s a normal response to unfamiliar sights, noises, and neighborhood cats.

When Sammi was here, Raven was a little more of a Wallflower cat. Sammi was a Mojito Cat and queen of her castle. But now that Raven is an only, she’s very confident in her home and displays many of the Mojito cat traits Jackson describes. She walks with her tail high, weaves between your legs, and comfortably hangs out in the middle of the room. Yay, Raven is a well-adjusted kitty!

The “embed” function on Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube channel is enabled, so I’m hoping that means it’s ok to share the video on our blog. Check out his videos if you haven’t already done so. They’re fun and informative.

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Update on my sickies

Thank you all for your healing purrs and good thoughts. I think they’re helping.

The vet was very busy this morning with 5 dogs and cats coming to see him while I was there, but he had a cancellation and was able to get all my tests done before lunch so I didn’t have to stay until the afternoon.

My blood tests showed nothing unusual, so that was good news.  My x-ray showed some interesting things that the vet needs to follow up on with the radiologist.  Mom was shocked when the vet told her that I had a broken rib!

He said it happened a while ago and is already healed. Mom asked if maybe that’s why my back hurt in April of last year, but reviewing the old x-rays, it seems like the painful spot was closer to my head.  Mom and Dad suspect my first family wasn’t always gentle with me and I got some injuries when living with them.

The vet also noticed that one of my kidneys isn’t round like it should be. It has some flat areas that could mean some of the tissue has died. He’s going to ask the radiologist about that.

Unfortunately, none of these things should be causing my sickies. Getting the rabies vaccine shouldn’t have made me this sick either. I get the 1-year Merial PureVax rabies vaccine because mom believes it is a safer vaccine than the others that are available. It does not have adjuvants that make kitty’s reaction to the vaccine stronger. I’ve had this vaccine before and it’s never made me sick.  I did not get the FVRCP vaccine.

Looking at the x-rays, my vet thinks the walls of my intestines are a little thicker than they should be.  He can’t diagnose bowel disease just from an x-ray, but he suspects that’s why I am having a bout of the sickies and don’t want to eat. Mom thinks this makes sense since I had mushy poop for a few days before my vet visit. I always eat the same foods, so mom thought it was strange that all of a sudden I’d have mushy poop.  Now that she thinks more about it, I’ll go a long time with normal poops, then I’ll get some mushy poops or some really dry poops.

Since I was already having a little bout of yucky poops, getting the rabies vaccine and the stress of going to the vet probably all added up to make me feel sicker than I usually do when my poops aren’t behaving as they should.

The vet gave me some medicines to help stop my pukies and calm down any inflammation that may be going on in my intestines. Mom has to give me some medicine for a couple weeks to help my intestines stay normal, and make sure I start eating and drinking regularly

Since I also carry feline herpesvirus , mom and the vet suspect I will get a case of the sneezy snotties because of the stress involved in going to the vet. Many kitties harbor this common respiratory virus (it’s why you need your FVRCP vaccine) and an upper respiratory infection can occur when kitties are under stress. Mom uses Viralys gel to try to minimize my symptoms, and we also got some new lysine treats from the vet to try.

I think I’ll feel better in a couple days (as long as I don’t get the sneezy snotties) . I’ve already eaten two tablespoons of canned food and mom heard me crunching on a couple pieces of dry food.

Again, thank you all for your purrs of support. It helps knowing there are so many kitties and their humans thinking good thoughts for me.

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I have the sickies

I haven’t been feeling well this weekend and my mom talked to the vet this morning to ask if it could be because of the rabies vaccine I got on Friday. He said the vaccine shouldn’t make me be vomiting. He called back at 6pm to check on how I’m doing and Mom told him I’m still not eating, haven’t used my litter box all day, and still vomited even though she gave me another dose of anti-nausea medicine.

Mom can’t think of anything that would be making me sick, so she’s a little worried. The vet told mom to give me a different type of medicine and to bring me in tomorrow morning so he can give me some fluids and  take an x-ray. He’ll probably want to take some blood too. He’s already booked up for tomorrow so I’ll have to wait until later in the day until he can review my x-rays and give me a thorough exam.  Mom’s hoping that I don’t get too stressed at the vets because I tend to get little upper respiratory infections when I’m stressed. Unfortunately, it’s an hour round-trip to the vet, so I can’t go home after getting fluids and I have to wait my turn at the vet’s.

I guess I’ll be using my carrier again. Too bad I’ll have to go inside of it and take another trip to the vet.

Raven by her carrier

I wouldn’t mind if you sent some healing purrs my way. I think I could use them.

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Lightening needs your healing purrs (and woofs)

Lightning was nearly starved, but is undergoing treatment thanks to the BrightHaven Rescue. You can help by donating a few dollars if you’re able. Or click the title line in the widget – the part that says “Donations needed for kitty…” and leave a comment of support for Lightening’s care team.

There is more information about this organization here: http://brighthaven.org I noticed their web site is a little slow, but wait for it to load. It looks like they do a lot of good work.

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