Caturday Ruined by a Bath

Mom decided today was the day for my annual bath and she thought it would be fun to share my torment with you. You get to see a lot of her big feet, but you’ll get the idea of how she gives me a bath.

Admittedly, the bath isn’t that bad. The water is warm and it’s over in about 5 minutes, but it’s still unpleasant and intrusive.  First, she imprisons me in the shower and closes the sliding doors so I can’t get out. Then she takes the hand-held shower, with an extra-long hose specifically added just to be able to bathe us, and gets me soaked to the skin. Next, she soaps me up using a pitcher of water pre-mixed with cat shampoo. A little rubbing followed by a thorough rinse and I’m clean…or cleaner, because I think I was clean to start with! She squishes the water from my fur, then wraps me up in a towel to absorb some of the water. Being dried off is my least favorite part because I just want out of the bathroom! Undaunted, she follows me around the house trying to dry and brush me.

Now I’ll spend the rest of the day drying and licking all my furs back into place.

I’ll get my revenge in about 5 days when I produce a hairball for her!

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Wordless Wednesday

Raven and black cat statue

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Pewter and her toys

Sorry I can’t show you a picture of her face, but this is my cousin Pewter playing with her new toys. I hope they help keep her distracted while her moms are on vacation. I’ll ask my aunts to send a better photo so I can show you how cute Pewter is.

Pewter with her new toys

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A care package for my cousin Pewter

Toys for cousin Pewter

I have a kitty cousin named Pewter who lives in Florida. Her moms are going on vacation so I thought I’d send her some toys to play with while they were away.  I included this note:

Pewter I hear your moms are going away again and you will be home alone. I get sad and bored when my parents are gone so I thought a little care package might help you pass the time while your moms are on vacation.

My mom said you like things you can bat around the house like balls and mousies. She said you also like things with feathers. Hopefully the toys I found will keep you entertained and you have enough so you don’t whack them all under the couch on the first day.

Love and Purrs,


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A wedding, some rocks, and a black cat

Wedding photoThe past few days, my humans were in Colorado for a wedding. The handsome young man in the photo is my mom’s nephew, so I guess that makes him my uncle cousin. He married a lovely young lady that he’s known all through high school and college.

Mom & Dad were gone for 3-1/4 days and I stayed home getting lots of brushies, playtime, food (more than mom gives me), and attention from my pet sitter. I like her lots and she always tells mom how sweet I am.

Besides the wedding, mom & dad saw some scenery too.


The first is Red Rocks near Denver.

Red Rocks Colorado

And this is The Siamese Twins formation at the Garden of the Gods outside of Colorado Springs.
Garden of the Gods Colorado

Mom said she didn’t cheat on me with any other animals, not even my beagle-dog cousin Molly. Since some of the wedding activities were at Molly’s house, she had to go to a kennel so she wouldn’t be under foot. But mom still found a cat to take a photo with! At least it was a black kitty.

Lion Statue

I missed mom & dad lots and I’m glad they’re home. Now I can catch up with all of your blogs.

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