My doggy neighbor Chablis

This is our neighbor’s dog, Chablis. She’s a 10 month old Labrador Retriever and has lots of energy. Mom took care of Chablis last weekend so they got to be good friends. Chablis’ parents don’t have enough time to give her all the exercise she needs, so mom offered to help by bringing Chablis to our back yard after work for some fun fetching and then maybe a long walk. She looks sad here, but don’t let that face fool you. She’s been playing fetch for about 20 minutes and is laying on the ball just for a little rest.

Chablis dog

Chablis doesn’t have grass in her back yard (there’s a big pool), so she loves to come to our yard and run around like a crazy puppy and roll in the grass.

Chablis dog

Chablis dog

Mom bought some fetch toys for Chablis that stay in our yard. That way when Chablis comes over, she has her “new” toys that are exciting to play with. She really likes the pink squeaky football with rope arms, but it will get torn, so mom lets her play with it only after all the crazy fetching games are done. 

Chabils dog

After getting rid of some energy playing fetch, mom takes Chablis for a 1-2 mile walk. Chablis is a little behind on her training and she doesn’t get out as much as she should, so walking is an adventure. She pulls a lot and is easily distracted from any type of leash training.  She does know “sit” so mom makes her do that to stop pulling on the leash. 

Chablis desperately wants to meet and play with other dogs, but since she’s not our dog, mom doesn’t allow that when they’re on their walks. Yesterday,  even though mom had her in a sit and was trying to hold her attention with a treat, Chablis tried to go greet another dog and lurched so hard that she almost pulled mom to the ground and it hurt mom’s shoulder a little bit. Mom wasn’t very happy about that but she knows it wasn’t Chablis’ fault. Chablis just needs her family to spend more time socializing and training her – which hopefully will happen this spring. So for the rest of this week, they’ll just play fetch in the yard and won’t take walks until mom’s shoulder is better. Dad also said that he should go on walks with them because he’s stronger and can help control Chablis so mom won’t get hurt.

Chablis isn’t anything like my former doggy brother Bentley. Granted, he was pretty old when I knew him, but he was really well trained, had great doggy manners, and was a mellow Golden Retriever. Maybe Chablis will grow up to be more like him, but it will take at least 5 or 6 years and I’ll be a senior kitty by then! But I don’t mind Chablis playing fetch in my yard. It gives me something to watch when I get bored of bird t.v.

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Just a sliver

Raven with a sliver of tongue
There are no sunpuddles today, but I’m enjoying laying on the dryer while mom & dad do laundry. I’m so relaxed that a little sliver of my tongue is peeking out. I hope your day is as warm and relaxing as mine.

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My new bed is special

I usually take my evening snooze in my covered bed in my bedroom. It’s quiet in there, but that room gets a little cold in winter so I’ve been joining mom & dad in the living room while they watch tv. They put out a blanket for me, but I prefer a covered bed. Mom didn’t want to move my bed from the bedroom because I still use it. Then she remembered that she had a special bed that she’s been storing on her closet shelf.

She got the bed down and put it on the couch for me. After a quick sniff, I settled right in. It’s spacious and fleecy cozy and it’s covered so the light from the lamp doesn’t bother me during my nap.
Raven in blue bedWhat makes this bed special is that it was a bed from the first generation of kitties: Felix, Smokey, and Eddie Bear. Mom has lots of wonderful memories of them sleeping in this bed and she could never bring herself to donate it.

Mom even has a photo of Sammi using this bed. Sammi and I were adopted together, but Sammi is in Spirit World with the other kitties now. Mom put the bed away 3 years ago after Sammi died because I didn’t show much interest in using it. Even though mom has donated some of our other beds (we had a lot), she always kept this one.

I’m glad she kept this bed because now I get to snuggle up in it and carry on the tradition of giving mom lots more good memories.

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Caturday Art – Drawing of Sammi by Funds4Cats

If you remember, back in November I shared a drawing of Raven by Ans of Funds4Cats. I liked it so much that I had a drawing done of Sammi. Since Sammi chose her daddy when we adopted her and they had a very strong bond, I thought it would be a touching Christmas gift for her dad as a remembrance of her.

Drawing of Sammi

Athena's Caturday Art Bloghop buttonClick the icon to go to Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. There are lots of great anipal artists who participate.

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I have a mirror image

Hey everyone, check this out. I found a mirror image of myself in Pearl, at As the World Purrs.  Click over there, then click back.

Raven look-alike photo

Is that weird, or what?! I wonder how many other furry black kitties with gold eyes are out there.

If you click back and say Hi to Pearl, I bet she’s appreciate it.

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