Snooze Rudely Interrupted

I was enjoying a late afternoon snooze in the dappled sunshine on my crinkle paper.

Raven snoozing
It was a peaceful nap until Dad came towards the living room with the vacuum cleaner.
Raven rudely awakened

I expressed my displeasure with a glare and cocked ears. Mom must remind dad that vacuuming does not occur during naptime.
Raven unhappy

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Sunday Selfie #2

I practiced during the week and came up with this photo. I think it has a hint of mystery. Am I looking directly at you, or just a bit to your right? I’m not telling!Raven closeup

I think it’s much better than my first selfie.

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Caturday Art – Sammi

This week is Sammi’s turn. Her gold-colors and distinct markings make her one of the most photogenic kitties we’ve had.  I used and applied the pencil drawing filter.

Sammi pencil drawing
Here’s the original.

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My new hiding spot

They’ll never find me under here.

Raven going under couch

Raven going under couch

Raven going under couch

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My new favorite box

First, a little housekeeping.

I bet some of you noticed the new image at the top of my blog. The original banner was a close-up of Felix’s eyes. Felix is the first kitty on the left. He was mom’s first kitty and he started the Indulged Furry Family, so mom wanted to use his photo for the banner. But she’s been thinking that his eyes were kind-of “dark and brooding” when taken by themselves and she’s been wanting a “brighter and happier” picture. She’s not very good at artsy stuff but she managed to find the best photos of all of us and put them into a collage.

I think this picture is better, but still needs improvement. Why am I the only kitty facing sideways? I guess I can live with it for now. At least she didn’t squish us all into tiny photos so she could fit all seven Indulged hamsters up there.

Now for something more interesting – my new box!

I have a new favorite box. It’s a little box that cans of FancyFeast come in. Mom got it when she was getting food for Boris Kitty’s scavenger hunt to benefit charity.

Raven in a FancyFeast boxMom says it’s silly of me to like this box so much because she thinks it’s too small for me. I think I’m the best judge of that.

Raven in FancyFeast box

I decided to take my Sunday afternoon snooze in the box. I’ve turned round a few times, and each time I get all of me tucked snuggly back in. It’s been at least 5 or 6 hours that I’ve been curled up in here, and I have no intention of getting up anytime soon. I’m so snuggy that mom can here me snoring a tiny bit. I’m not really snoring, it’s just that I’m so scrunched up it’s hard to get air in and out. I’m hoping she lets me keep this box until I decide I don’t want it anymore. My long flower box, which was amazing to play in, was recycled without my approval.

Raven in a FancyFeast box


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