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My Kitty Wellness Exam

Monday is usually a great day for me because Mom is home and I get extra window time. But today she took me to the vet for my wellness exam and rabies vaccination. I tried hiding in my carrier as … Continue reading

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Does this scale make me look sleepy?

My scale is a very comfy place to take a nap. I wonder if I weigh less if I stand on my toes. No. Okay, then I’ll lie down in the other direction and continue my nap. Raven began losing … Continue reading

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Our Neighbor Zeke the Weimaraner

This is our neighbor Zeke. He’s a Weimaraner, and like my former doggy brother Bentley, he’s a retired hunting dog. Weimaraners are very smart and friendly. Zeke sometimes escapes his house and takes himself for a walk in search of cat … Continue reading

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Cat postage stamps from Great Britain

It’s been a while since I’ve shared postage stamps from my collection. These are from Great Britain. These stamps honor Edward Lear who wrote poetry such as  The Owl and The Pussy-Cat. I thought the pen-and-ink artwork on the stamps of cats in … Continue reading

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Elusive kitty makes himself comfy

Back in March, Mom managed to capture a few photos of the gorgeous elusive kitty who was using my fence as part of his wanderings. Well, he seems to have become more familiar with my yard! This is the second time … Continue reading

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