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Elusive kitty visitor

I occasionally see this kitty visiting our back yard. It’s very skittish so I suspect it’s one of the strays that lives in the neighborhood. The kitty walks along our fence rail and darts off if it’s startled so there’s little time … Continue reading

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My dog-cousin Sadie and her new toys.

Pewter received the package I sent and replied back to me. Hi Raven. Boy do I love the Kittles treats and I guess I will try to get that Sadie to play with those toys (like that will be a … Continue reading

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A letter to my cousin Pewter

Mom and Dad have been busy doing boring stuff, and I’ve been enjoying our spring weather with open window time. Things are much more exciting at my cousin Pewter’s house so I thought I’d share a letter I sent her. … Continue reading

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Learn about your pet’s body systems

A recent article on Dr. Plotnick’s blog about the feline lungs describes the functions of a cat’s lungs, some common diseases, and some words or phrases that are commonly misused to describe a cat’s breathing. It’s very interesting and Dr. Plotnick does a … Continue reading

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Thirteen Questions & Answers

I was inspired by CK’s recent post and thought I’d do a Q & A myself. Night owl or morning person? Both. I like to play around 11 p.m. then sit and watch out the front window for a while. … Continue reading

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