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Unglamorous me update

My allergies started bothering me again and I’ve done some nibbling on my furs. It’s mostly limited to the inside of my left thigh, which you can you can see in this unglamorous photo. I’ve also nibbled a little spot … Continue reading

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Unglamorous Litter Box Update

Due to my allergies, Mom has been reluctant to change anything in the house, including the brand of litter I use. But she’s fed up with the current brand and decided to try a new cat litter. Out with the old … Continue reading

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Welcome back Coco Puff

Neighborhood kitty Coco Puff came to my patio this morning. She (or he) surprised Mom and was all the way up on the step to my sliding door where I lay and watch over my backyard. When Coco Puff saw … Continue reading

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What eclipse?

  Mom says I’m not allowed to look at the sun, so I couldn’t see the eclipse. All I noticed is that my sunpuddle got very dim.  We had about 80% solar eclipse in Northern California. Mom used a Chewy … Continue reading

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My Kitty Wellness Exam

Monday is usually a great day for me because Mom is home and I get extra window time. But today she took me to the vet for my wellness exam and rabies vaccination. I tried hiding in my carrier as … Continue reading

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