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I thought Fridays were supposed to be fun

I don’t know about you, but going to the vet is not my favorite thing to do. It ranks right up there with getting a bath, and I’ve had to endure both events this past week! Mom thinks it’s important that I … Continue reading

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Two Little Nibblets

Even though my hamster housemates have huge cages, Mom believes they need to get out in order to prevent them from getting what she calls “cage brain” – feeling confined with nothing but the same thing day after day after … Continue reading

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Portland models his whiskers

Hi, Mom. I want to come out too. I’ll wait here and model my whiskers while you get my ball. And when I’m done, could you work on trimming my claws? They’re getting a little long.

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Nutmeg is all smiles

Hi mom, can I come out of my cage? Drawbridge down…Ready or not, here I come!

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Tuxie Tornado left us for Spirit World

Nearly two years ago we got Tux from the pet store. When we first held him he was very sweet but a bit shy. He kept his ears flat against his head and wasn’t very adventurous. The poor little guy … Continue reading

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