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Restocking the scratcher supply

Mom hasn’t ordered a backup big scratcher lounger yet but she did restock my supply of Smartykat Cat Chaise scratchers. These are the ones I actually scratch on. She takes two scratchers and glues the edges together to make a double-wide. One … Continue reading

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Time to replace my scratcher lounge

Last night Mom heard barfy noises and this morning she found a hairball in the one place that’s impossible to clean – on one of my giant cardboard scratchers. I hacked up a hairball once before on this scratcher, so … Continue reading

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Tasty Treats – Wellness Kittles

I’ve been enjoying some new treats. That probably doesn’t sound noteworthy to most of you, but  I’m finicky and rarely eat different foods or treats. These treats are Wellness Kittles Chicken & Cranberries flavor. They’re grain-free, crunchy, and have lots of ingredients that … Continue reading

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My Birthday Present Is Here!

A big box was delivered today and Mom said it was my birthday present. She ordered it from the Amazon forest on the 14th and my birthday was the 16th, so there was no way it would get here on … Continue reading

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Hairballs again! Trying Feline Greenies Smartbites Hairball Control treats

Despite being brushed daily, Raven has been getting too many hairballs again. I got some Tomyln Laxatone Natural, which is a plant oil and fish oil based gel that helps ingested hair pass through the digestive system. I like the natural … Continue reading

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