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Sacramento Police K9 Hobbes

We were at Pet Food Express this weekend and visited with Sacramento Police K9 “Hobbes” and his handler Officer Hoversten. Hobbes is a 5-year old Belgian Shepherd who Officer Hoversten say is is a ham! You can see from the … Continue reading

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Pewter & Sadie enjoy their toys

Last week I wrote about the catnip Kick Stix I shared with my Cousin Pewter. Her Mom sent some photos of her enjoying them. Sniff, sniff.     Sniff, sniff, sniff.Pewter is a 14 year old lady cat, so there’s not a … Continue reading

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Flowers on Friday

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It’s reassuring to know I wasn’t being unreasonable. And now for some Fun Flowers on Friday. Can you guess what plant these cute little flowers are from? Hint #1: In the sentence above, I said … Continue reading

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Your opinion wanted

I’m curious what your opinion is about this Facebook post from a cat charity. Even ignoring (or at least excusing) the vastly inadequate discussion about food quality versus advertising, what disturbs me is that a charity would suggest that owners … Continue reading

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Night-night Black Betta

Mom sent Black Betta to the Rainbow Brook last night. Black was a “veil tail” Betta with lacy fins. Black Betta lived here for 18 months, which is a decent life for a fancy Betta. He’s been having trouble staying right-side … Continue reading

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