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Caturday Art – Garden Collage

I’ve been sharing my flowers this week so I thought I’d do a Caturday Art collage of some of the flowers in my front yard. I thought a collage was a better idea than flower close-ups because it’s been very hot … Continue reading

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Thursday in my garden

When I was reading Cory Cat Blog I saw something called the Society of Feline Gardeners. My mom does lots of gardening and sometimes I’m allowed in the garden to investigate what’s growing, so I hope it’s ok for any kitty … Continue reading

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Busy in the garden, a little human, and recuperating

Mom and Dad have been busy in my backyard this week. They got all the garden beds prepared so they’ll lots of fruits & veggies in a few months. This year mom added cantaloupe to the garden. I’ve read that … Continue reading

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Sunday in the Backyard

We’re having unseasonably warm weather in Northern California. It should be colder and raining but it’s been in the mid-60s and sunny. Everyone says that’s a bad thing because of something called a drought, but I think it’s a good thing because I … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Gift

My neighbor from across the street brought me a present. We are friends of sorts because he spends a lot of time maintaining his yard and I watch him from my living room window. He was trimming trees last week and he thought … Continue reading

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