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Jackie gets love while her family is away

My neighbor kitty, Jackie, has been lonely while her family is away. Jackie spends a lot of her time in our yard and Ken’s, and everyone is always happy to give her some love. She also sits by our door … Continue reading

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Welcome back Coco Puff

Neighborhood kitty Coco Puff came to my patio this morning. She (or he) surprised Mom and was all the way up on the step to my sliding door where I lay and watch over my backyard. When Coco Puff saw … Continue reading

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Our Neighbor Zeke the Weimaraner

This is our neighbor Zeke. He’s a Weimaraner, and like my former doggy brother Bentley, he’s a retired hunting dog. Weimaraners are very smart and friendly. Zeke sometimes escapes his house and takes himself for a walk in search of cat … Continue reading

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Elusive kitty makes himself comfy

Back in March, Mom managed to capture a few photos of the gorgeous elusive kitty who was using my fence as part of his wanderings. Well, he seems to have become more familiar with my yard! This is the second time … Continue reading

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Neighbor Jackie enjoying some petting

Remember Jackie, my confident neighbor kitty who moved in last Fall? She comes to our yard every day for sunshine, bird watching, and attention. Mom & Dad give her lots of petting and she’s so trusting that Mom can even … Continue reading

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