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Grandma’s wheelchair is very comfy!

On Friday, we bring Grandma over from the assisted living place for dinner at our house. This is the third time she’s come over in her wheelchair. At first I was scared of it, then I was just wary, and … Continue reading

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My Tree Adventure

Today, Mom decided to take me in the backyard for some fresh air and brain exercise. She thinks it’s good for me to experience different things, even if it’s just getting out in my back yard and sniffing stuff. Mom … Continue reading

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Intruder cat squashed my catnip plant

This morning Mom took me out to enjoy the backyard. This photo is from last week but I repeated the investigation of my catnip plant. It was all squashed down and smelled of intruder kitty. Later in the afternoon, the … Continue reading

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Backyard Catnip

It was a beautiful day and I felt like exploring the backyard. I laid in the cool grass for a long time watching those pesky Scrub Jays I shared with you last time. I also sniffed my catnip pot. I … Continue reading

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Raven watching jays on the patio

The jays have been visiting my patio. They’re fun to watch and they come right up to my screen door to get bugs from the water fountain and near the house where it meets the concrete. Mom lets them hang … Continue reading

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