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My Kitty Wellness Exam

Monday is usually a great day for me because Mom is home and I get extra window time. But today she took me to the vet for my wellness exam and rabies vaccination. I tried hiding in my carrier as … Continue reading

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Does this scale make me look sleepy?

My scale is a very comfy place to take a nap. I wonder if I weigh less if I stand on my toes. No. Okay, then I’ll lie down in the other direction and continue my nap. Raven began losing … Continue reading

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Managing Raven’s food allergies

A few posts ago I shared how Raven’s furs have been growing back since we figured out she was allergic to chicken & fish and put her on a new diet. I wanted to share a few more thoughts about … Continue reading

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I have furs!

I’ve been battling hairloss & itchiness for a long time. It took 18 months to figure out I’m allergic to fish & chicken and for the past 6 months (since November 2016) I’ve been eating a restricted diet.  As you … Continue reading

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Learn about your pet’s body systems

A recent article on Dr. Plotnick’s blog about the feline lungs describes the functions of a cat’s lungs, some common diseases, and some words or phrases that are commonly misused to describe a cat’s breathing. It’s very interesting and Dr. Plotnick does a … Continue reading

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