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Blood Happens! (nothing gory)

You know the phrase “Sh!t Happens”. Well, we had a “Blood Happens!” mishap. I went to the vet last Friday (February 9). I’ve been feeling poorly occasionally, and I’ve lost 1 pound over the last 6 months. Sometimes I have … Continue reading

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Raven’s allergies are back in full force. 

I thought we had solved Raven’s itching & hair loss problem by eliminating chicken and fish from her diet. She was doing really well for about six months and over spring & summer had regrown quite a bit of fur. … Continue reading

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No good deed goes unpunished

It’s a FLEA! And it’s the consequence of Mom giving my neighbor cat Jackie all that love this weekend while Jackie’s family was away. The flea was on ME, and it jumped onto Mom, who promptly killed it. Then Mom … Continue reading

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Unglamorous me update

My allergies started bothering me again and I’ve done some nibbling on my furs. It’s mostly limited to the inside of my left thigh, which you can you can see in this unglamorous photo. I’ve also nibbled a little spot … Continue reading

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My Kitty Wellness Exam

Monday is usually a great day for me because Mom is home and I get extra window time. But today she took me to the vet for my wellness exam and rabies vaccination. I tried hiding in my carrier as … Continue reading

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