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Just when everything was going so well.

I’m pretty good at smacking my spongy ball out of the air when Mom tosses it to me, but apparently I can’t catch “a break”. Just as we are getting my allergy issues under control I started having peeing issues. Friday … Continue reading

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A surprise vet visit with lots of interesting info

Mom came home early from work on Monday and …. took me to the vet! Part of my allergy issue is that the last two nipples towards my tail bother me and I lick them until they’re really irritated. I don’t … Continue reading

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At long last, Raven’s new furs

As promised, I wanted to share some photos of the progress we’ve made with Raven’s fur regrowth. She’s been on her new diet for 6 weeks and hasn’t had prednisolone for 8 weeks. Fish and chicken seem to be the … Continue reading

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More food experiments

Raven enjoys eating dry food, but now that she’s on a restricted diet to try to control her itchiness, she’s only eating canned food. I decided to try a trick I learned years ago from diabetic dog owners who were … Continue reading

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Preparing my new food

In my last post I mentioned that I like my food when it’s a creamy paté texture. I’m a licker, not a biter, so I tend to lick the sauce off little chunks of food and leave the rest behind. … Continue reading

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