Caturday is a little bit of a Sadurday

Last week we mentioned that Portland Hamster wasn’t doing well. Mom’s been taking extra-special care of him as he took his journey to Spirit World and last night he found his way over the Bridge.  Portland joined our family at the end of January 2104. He was at the animal shelter and his name was LuLu. Mom thought that was a “girly” name for a male hamster, so she named him Portland because that weekend Dad was away in Portland, Oregon.

Portland was an older hamster when he joined our family, so mom knew he wouldn’t be with us for a long time. We had him only 7 months, but we’re pretty sure he enjoyed life as an Indulged Furry.  He had a huge cage, lots of good food with fresh fruits & vegetables, and lots of time out of his cage in the play area or in his ball.

We’ll miss the little furry, but we’re glad we were able to share a little bit of time together.

Here are some photos of little Portland and the life he had with us.

Portland Hamster

Portland Hamster

Portland Hamster

Portland Hamster

Mom and Dad will find a nice spot in the yard to bury Portland. We’ll be a sad for a little while, but then we’ll focus on what a spunky companion Portland was and the wonderful life he had.

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5 Responses to Caturday is a little bit of a Sadurday

  1. William says:

    We’re so sorry that Portland left for the Bridge. I think that precious second picture tells it all, that he really had the best time ever with you all. Extra purrs.

  2. Sparkle says:

    What a cutie Portland was. Purrs to you today.

  3. msphoebecat says:

    How special this little guy was named after the city only two hours away from us! Portland looks happy, content and well loved in his photos during his time with your family. Your Mom was compassionate to give a senior a home to enjoy their final time, and I know he is grateful to your family for loving and caring for him. Fly free little dude, enjoy all the fun at the Bridge with all the other hammies. Purrs of sympathy to your family, Clove & Kaspars

  4. Brian says:

    We are so very sorry to hear the Portland has made is journey. There is absolutely no doubt he felt the love and he sure deserved to be indulged. Purrs, hugs and love from all of us.

  5. (((((hugs)))) I am so terribly sorry!! Portland was adorable! He looks sooo much like the hamster I had in college (his name was “Cooch”), he was a teddy bear hamster or “fancy hamster” also. Sadly, I only had him six months, hamsters don’t seem to live that long 🙁 I am soooo sorry!!

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