Sunday Snoozies

Today is a good day for relaxing. The weather is mild and it’s 1pm and the window is still open. Usually it’s really hot and the window would have been closed before noon, so this is a very enjoyable Sunday.

It would be better except I’m not feeling all that great. Mom suspects it’s because of the rabies vaccine I got on Friday. I haven’t been eating as much as I normally do and I had the pukies this morning. But I’m sure I’ll feel better in a few days. Ever since I came back from the vet I’ve been laying just outside my carrier. Mom thinks it’s odd, but she hasn’t put the carrier away yet because I’m enjoying laying and rubbing on it.

Raven by her carrier

It also happens to be Black Cat Appreciation Day. We’re not sure why today is different from any other day because mom appreciates me every day and she appreciates all other colors of kitties too.

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6 Responses to Sunday Snoozies

  1. Oh you poor baby! Cody got sooo sick after his last vaccines! (He had 2 vaccines a few weeks ago at the same time) Hoping you are ok! I appreciate you EVERY DAY too! Tell your Mom to always leave the carrier out, I do! Cody sleeps in it all of the time and doesn’t associate it at all with going to the vet. Hoping you feel better soon! ((((hugs))))

  2. Brian says:

    I sure hope you feel better soon. We always have the yuckies for about 3 days after those goofy shots.

  3. I don’t feel good after getting my shots too. I sure hope you’re feeling better soon. Black cats rock! ~Ernie

  4. Sparkle says:

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, Raven! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Poor Raven! Hope you feel lots better soon!

  6. William says:

    My bro Elliott felt kinda punk after his shots this last week too. I hope that Black Cat Appreciation Day cheered you up some!

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