Cat postage stamps from New Zealand

While I was taking my Sunday easy, Mom & Dad abandoned me for a few hours and went to a postage stamp show. Mom collects postage stamps that have cats on them and she found these stamps from New Zealand. At first we weren’t sure if the stamps pictured a cat, a dog, or a marmot, but we decided it must be a kitty cat. The New Zealand Post website says these stamps are from 1991 and were created by a student designer. Mom thinks it’s fun to find stamps from countries that anipal bloggers are from. Our furiends at Rumblebum are from New Zealand and we have a few other stamps from there. It will be fun to try to find stamps from other countries were we have blogger anipals, or maybe find anipals from countries where we already have stamps!

Here are the other stamps we have from New Zealand. As you can see, they really love their kitties! I also like seeing black cats included in artwork because it helps fight that silly notion that black cats are bad luck.

postage stamps with catsPostage stamps with cats

New Zealand postage stamps with cats

New Zealand postage stamps with cats

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18 Responses to Cat postage stamps from New Zealand

  1. d'Artagnan Rumblepurr says:

    YEAHHH!!! NZ knows how to treat kitties, like KINGS (and QUEENS!) of the world!

    We’ll keep an eye open for kitty stamps for you guys! Did your mummy buy these ones then?

  2. Summer says:

    Those are cute stamps!

  3. Awww , sooo cute stamps !


  4. mariodacat says:

    Those stamps are especially cute. Enjoy your collection. Sounds like a fun project.

  5. Yeah, kinda looks like a marmot! Cute!

  6. Those are so adorable. We thought it was a ginger boy right away (even though our mom likes marmots).

  7. Brian says:

    Oh yea, those are very cute!

  8. They look terrific!! I must get the Staff to see if we have any interesting stamps!!

  9. Annie says:

    These are awesome! Of course, I like the last one the best.

  10. These are really cool stamps!

  11. pilch92 says:

    Those are great! That is a cool thing to collect.

  12. Deziz World says:

    Oh Meow Raven those awe really cool. We luv anyfin’ cat so we like those. Like you we kinda wunnered ifin dat was a cat, dog or weasel. MOL Sorry yous got abandoned but looks like they found sumfin’ gweat. Have a pawsum week.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. William says:

    Those are great! What fun that we’re being honored in that way!

  14. What a neat collection! All of those stamps are really cute.

  15. I have the top stamps too 🙂 I got them when I lived in NZ, aren’t they fun?! Great find!

  16. Fun stamps! I especially like the “Thinking of You” ones. So sweet!

  17. BZ Dogs says:

    Definitely a cat! Although there is definitely a passing resemblance to a marmot. 🙂

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