My Tree Adventure

Today, Mom decided to take me in the backyard for some fresh air and brain exercise. She thinks it’s good for me to experience different things, even if it’s just getting out in my back yard and sniffing stuff.

Mom put me on the lowest branch of our tree where Dad’s hand is. Dad took the day off work today so he was out with us too! That’s a good thing as you’ll see later.

Raven climbing her tree

I climbed to the next set of branches and wanted to go higher, but my people wouldn’t let me. Mom said she’s too old to be climbing trees to get me down. Also, it’s too easy for my harness and leash to get snagged on something and I’d get stuck.

This turned out to be a comfy spot where I could rest and watch the yard from a high vantage point.
Raven in tree
My catnip pot is beneath me. I could stay up here and wait for intruder cat to come maul my plant. Oh wait, he’s an experienced outdoor kitty and he’d probably maul me. I guess it’s a good thing Mom and Dad are here to protect me.
Raven in tree

I still think I’m a stealthy ninja kitty!

Raven in tree

I’m not an experienced tree climber and getting up the tree is much easier than getting down. It’s a good thing Dad was home because he had to get a step stool and get me out of the tree. I could have stayed up there a lot longer, but Mom & Dad had yard work to do and I had to go back into the house.

I hope you all enjoyed your Monday. I sure did!

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18 Responses to My Tree Adventure

  1. What fun, Raven! We wish we could climb a real tree and not just our inside cat tree.

  2. Jan K says:

    What a fun adventure, Raven! It’s great to have both your parents home to help you with that, and keep you safe as well. ♥

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    You are so lucky Raven, that looks like a fun spot.

  4. Brian says:

    That really was a grand adventure and your peeps sure gave you a nice gift…a super cat tree!

  5. Mary McNeil says:

    You really look beautiful up in the tree- your fur has come back in all it’s glory . Glad you ahd such a good day.

  6. Nothing better than a real tree but do not go too high!

  7. Oh, Raven, that looks like so much fun! It’s nice that you get to go out every now and then. And what a wonderful tree to lounge in!

  8. I’m so jealous you got to climb a real tree!

  9. Summer says:

    How fun! I wish we had some good climbing trees here.

  10. Raven, such wonderful photos of you in the tree! That bark sets off your black furs quite nicely.

  11. Grace says:

    A terrific adventure, and you were always safe.

  12. What an adventure, Raven ! Climbing trees is so much fun ! Purrs

  13. What a fun adventure! You look like you enjoyed your perch there in the tree!

  14. oh look at you and your adorable self! I have always heard that many cats can go UP trees but not down! Glad Dad was there!

    • Raven says:

      Being an indoor kitty, I have shelves on my perches that make it easy to get up and down. Trees are tricky and having Mom or Dad get me down is much easier.

  15. Just Ducky says:

    Wow, you got to climb a real, live tree. I just stay inside and look at them!

    You wanted to know about the flower in the second pic, that is a pee-o-knee, it is one of the more simple ones, not as ruffled as the white one. The first five pics are all pee-o-knees.

  16. Clooney says:

    That is so exciting Raven! What gorgeous pictures of you. That must have been a great adventure!

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