Our Neighbor Zeke the Weimaraner

This is our neighbor Zeke. He’s a Weimaraner, and like my former doggy brother Bentley, he’s a retired hunting dog.

Weimaraners are very smart and friendly. Zeke sometimes escapes his house and takes himself for a walk in search of cat food. Today, he stopped by our porch and continued around the corner to Squatty the Stray’s other Mom, who always leaves food out for the local stray cats.

When Mom sees Zeke taking a solo adventure, she lets his owners know that Zeke is taking himself for a walk. Today they talked a bit and Mom learned that Zeke, who is 12 years old, has lung cancer.

Mom thought this was a perfect excuse to stop at the pet store and get Zeke a little care package to enjoy. We got him some dog toys, dog treats, a little sample-size bag of cat food, and a can of cat food. We thought he shouldn’t have to escape his home in search of yummy cat food!

Something in here smells Really good. It’s actually making me a bit frisky!

We told Zeke’s owners that he’s welcome to stop by our porch any time. If he doesn’t wander by we may have to walk down to his house for a little visit. We hope he enjoys his toys & treats.

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23 Responses to Our Neighbor Zeke the Weimaraner

  1. Brian says:

    Poor Zeke, that’s very sad and I’m sure he will like his special goodies!

  2. What a nice thing to do for Zeke. We’re sorry he’s ill.

  3. We are sorry that your friend is so ill. That was very sweet to get him some gifts. Hugs.

  4. 15andmeowing says:

    That was sweet of your Mom to get him all those gifts.

  5. Bet Zeke will enjoy his treats.

  6. Gattina says:

    That’s nice that he gets this treats, usually cat food is not good for dogs and the other way around, but in this case it is good to make an exception.

  7. That’s so thoughtful of your mom ! We bet Zeke and his parents will enjoy the surprise package. Purrs

  8. Grace says:

    What a nice thing for your human to do.

  9. Annie says:

    Zeke is so gorgeous with a sweet face. I’m sorry to hear about his lung cancer. 🙁 Raven, it’s so kind of your mom to get him that goody bag of gifts. Truly. My heart swelled when I read that.

  10. Oh, poor Zeke. But he must still be feeling okay if he takes himself for walks in search of cat food. Very sweet of you guys to give him a care-basket. Sending pawsitive thoughts his way!

  11. Weimaraners have the loveliest color of fur! It’s brown-grey…and gorgeous! So sorry that Zeke is ill; am sure both he and his peeps enjoyed that care package!

  12. Your Mama is sooo sweet to get those goodies for that handsome boy. I was going to say cat food is bad for dogs too, until I read his story. Poor guy. Your Mama is incredible (((hugs))))

    • Raven says:

      We debated about what flavor dog treats to get him because we know some animals have sensitive tummies. But if he’s out stealing cat food, we figured a few treats would be ok.

  13. Jan K says:

    You and your Mom are such sweet neighbors, Raven! That is sad news about Zeke, but it seems he still has some happy times left. ♥

  14. Raven, that was just about the kindest and sweetest thing we’ve ever read. Your mom is a gem for putting together that care package for Zeke. We got a huge kick out of his liking cat food!

  15. BZ Dogs says:

    I’m sure Zeke will love his care package 🙂

  16. Summer says:

    How sweet of your human to give Zeke that care package – I’m sure he’ll enjoy all of it!

  17. Johnny says:

    Oh hello Neighbour!

    You’re all too kind <3 Thanks for spreading the kindness!

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