Sunday Not Me Selfies

This is Tracy. Mom’s coworker took her in after someone in their family found her running loose on a freeway. Tracy didn’t have a collar or microchip. She also needed a thorough bathing and flea medication.

She’s a friendly little mixed breed – maybe poodle-terrier. After a few weeks of good nutrition she started plumping up.  Oh oh….yup…..

She was pregnant! She gave birth to 6 healthy, Huge puppies last week. Here’s a “selfie” of them when they were just 3 days old. I’m not sure where number 6 is….probably cozy under all those beefy siblings.

Mom and puppies are all doing well. Eventually, all will need to find homes because the resident dog is not thrilled to be sharing his home with the new Mama dog (and her puppies). Hopefully we can share a few more pictures as the puppies get bigger.

We’ve linked up to The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. 

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23 Responses to Sunday Not Me Selfies

  1. speedyrabbit says:

    Awww how cute are they,well done to your mums co-worker and her family for helping out Mama and the pups,xx Speedy

  2. Summer says:

    Well, that was a surprise! I hope they all find good homes.

  3. What a cutie, the puppies too.
    Yael from Playing In Catnip

  4. Oh thank heavens they were found!!

    A truly Happy Sunday Selfie

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  5. Oh they are adorable, and thanks to the kindly humane act they will all go on to better and caring lives. Happy Sunday to them and you all.
    Toodle pip and purrs

  6. Cleo says:

    Aww, what a charming little pile ‘o pups!

  7. Grace says:

    Good hearted people and adorable puppies.

  8. Brian says:

    We are sure glad she was taken in so she could have her puppies in a safe environment!

  9. 15andmeowing says:

    I am glad she was rescued. She is a cutie and the puppies are too. XO

  10. What a cute pile ! Paws up for your mom’s co-worker for taking such good care of that little furry family ! We hope the puppies find good forever homes when they are old enough. Purrs

  11. Bless your mom’s coworker’s heart for taking in Tracy and now all those puppies. I hope they all find good, loving homes. Tracy looks like a sweetheart.

  12. Bichonpawz says:

    It is always a good thing when one gets rescued!! And surprise…a mama pup! Cute pups!

  13. We’re so glad this dog and now her puppies were saved. We purr that they all find homes.

  14. kittiesblue says:

    Oh my gosh…wonder what breed the dad was? It sounds like this poor woofie was abandoned because she got pregnant. So sad, but now she and her pups have chances to have good lives. Your mom’s co-worker is a super good person. We look forward to seeing more photos. Thanks for sharing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  15. Jan K says:

    Oh, thank goodness Tracy got taken in when she did. What a pile of cuties! Are you sure you don’t want a woofie sibling, Raven? 🙂

  16. That was a seven dog rescue! I am sure they will all be highly adoptable, if they look anything like their mama.

  17. How wonderful! Love the mom and puppies–hope they all find great homes!

  18. Adorable! Hope they find forever homes soon!

  19. Hmmm. what a good thing Tracy was rescued at just the right time! Those pups look like they are getting the bestest of care:)

    Thanks for visiting our blog.

  20. Gattina says:

    That was really a surprise ! you got 6 for one ! If they are all so cute I think they will all find a nice home !

  21. Morrie Major says:

    Oh well done for helping Tracey!!
    And the pups look like they are being so well cared for too!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie 🙂

  22. Yikes! Running on the freeway! Scary. Glad she was rescued. And those pups are adorable! Hope they all find good furever homes!

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