Enchilada day

After Thanksgiving, our tradition is to make enchiladas with the leftover turkey. Raven is not allowed on the counters while I’m cooking and usually stays out of the kitchen. But this year she was fascinated by all the chopping and decided to investigate. I told her she could watch as long as she stayed in her little pizza box at the end of the counter. She was a very good girl and stayed put, and after a few minutes she decided it wasn’t very interesting and wandered off.

We hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had lots of good food and an enjoyable weekend.

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18 Responses to Enchilada day

  1. Brian says:

    That sounds like a yummy tradition! Good job supervising Raven!!!

  2. What a fun tradition. But if we couldn’t sneak a taste, we would have gotten bored like Raven did.

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    Raven is so pretty. That sounds like a fun tradition.

  4. That’s a really neat tradition! I love enchiladas. Raven is so cute sitting in her pizza box supervising the food prep.

  5. Mary McNeil says:

    What a good job of supervising, Raven !

  6. Summer says:

    What a cool tradition! I guess Raven thought you were doing a good job and didn’t have to watch you so closely.

  7. Gattina says:

    On the first glance I thought it was my Kim ! The cat in the box ! It’s funny all cats in the world love boxes !

  8. We love your little pizza box, Raven! What a good girl you are to just watch. Our mom can’t control our counter top antics but we are not allowed on the table. (As if.)

  9. Hehehehe. So cute! Love that Raven had to stay in the pizza box. (We do enchiladas after T.g too! Making them tonight!)

  10. Cats on tables around here are generally trouble. Raven is a good kitty1

  11. Grace says:

    Wait – You have a pizza box on your counter just for Raven to sit in? MOL

  12. Raven looks very intense! and cute in the pizza box

  13. What a fun tradition ! We understand you, Raven, if you cannot taste it, it’s less interesting. Purrs

  14. Jan K says:

    What a fun tradition, and what a good girl Raven is!

  15. Love pizza cat! lol What a good girl to say put like that. I don’t know if mine would.. I take that back, I KNOW mine would not!

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