A room without a view

Last winter we had some wicked wind gusts and part of our fence was damaged. Mom & Dad were a little miffed because we replaced the fence 5 years ago. When they took the damaged part down, they could tell that the posts were not installed properly and had rotted out.

This side of my yard isn’t very interesting. It has a few plants and the occasional bird, but it’s only 7-feet wide and serves as a walkway alongside the house to the air conditioner and water softener. Without the fence, I’ve been able to enjoy an expanded view of the neighbor’s yard. They have a giant puddle of water that people splash in.

Last Friday some workmen came and blocked my view with new fencing (with metal posts this time). Oh well, the view was fun while it lasted. 

Maybe Mom & Dad can work on sprucing up this area to attract some birds and give me something more interesting to look at. Maybe they can go to the garden statue place and get something fun (but not a giant horse head).

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Sacramento Police K9 Hobbes

We were at Pet Food Express this weekend and visited with Sacramento Police K9 “Hobbes” and his handler Officer Hoversten.

Hobbes is a 5-year old Belgian Shepherd who Officer Hoversten say is is a ham! You can see from the photos that Hobbes is very friendly. He has a cute trait of lifting one paw when sitting, and Officer Hoversten says there’s no predicting which paw comes off the ground.

I pick my left paw up…

I put my left paw down…and pick it up again!…

I pick my right paw up…and Love being petted.  The middle of my head feels good.

And my right ear.  And while you’re at it, could you do my left ear too?  Thanks! 

I’ve met several police K9s, and even when their handler says it’s ok to pet them and you know they won’t bite, some have a very intense demeanor and command your respect. Hobbes was alert, but he was very calm and wanted to be petted, preferably while leaning on you!

Every year, Pet Food express partners with Police & Working Dog K-9 Foundation to provide supplies to police dogs and advanced training to their handlers. Proceeds from the pet wash go to the Foundation, and the stuffed dog is a working hero that you get for a making a donation. The hero dog changes each year and comes with a tag that explains the history and traits of the breed and what they’re often used for in police work. Here are two that we have.

I have mixed feelings about using dogs for apprehension work because they can be injured or even killed in the line of duty. In 2012, Sacramento K9 “Bodie” was credited with saving his handler’s life, but not without being critically injured with gunshot wounds to his face and paw. Thankfully, he recovered. If we’re going to use police (and military) dogs, we need to provide them with protective gear and medical care throughout their lives. Most police dogs don’t get any kind of medical benefits after they retire, so it’s charities like the Police & Working Dog K-9 Foundation that help cover the costs of care once the dogs retire. If this is a cause you’re interested in supporting, you can search the web for organizations that help your local police K9s.

This guy isn’t a police dog, but he sure is cute! He’s a Springer Spaniel and I love that his owner keeps the hair on top of his head long. It gives him a lot of character. What I actually noticed first was his spectacular paws. His front paws were easily 4 inches across. I bet he’s a really good swimmer.  

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Pewter & Sadie enjoy their toys

Last week I wrote about the catnip Kick Stix I shared with my Cousin Pewter. Her Mom sent some photos of her enjoying them.

Sniff, sniff.     Sniff, sniff, sniff.Pewter is a 14 year old lady cat, so there’s not a lot of kicking action! But it looks like she’s enjoying them.

The photos don’t do her justice, so here’s a close-up of her pretty face. 

And Cousin Sadie enjoyed chewing one of her new toys. She’s a relentless chewer so I’m guessing that toy is in lots of little bits by now. Sadie is about 1 year old and her training is progressing. She’s learning to ignore Pewter.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday Easy.

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Friday First

I store the camera equipment in my bottom desk drawer. Raven decided she’d jump in the drawer while I was downloading some videos of feeding our shrimp. I guess this means it’s time to play with her.

I hope to have a shrimp feeding video soon. I need to figure out how to set the exposure on the camera in video mode so the white-striped shrimp isn’t glowing from the intense aquarium lights. After Raven vacates the drawer I can get the camera user’s manual!

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Kitty Kick Stix

A few weeks ago, Summer posted a review about Kitty Kick Stix. Nip doesn’t make me goofy, but I do like to lay on my nip banana and give it a good licking now and then. Mom thought the sticks were cute and decided to purchase some.

Here’s the assortment we received. There are several sizes and a variety of cute fabrics. I love the black kitty fabric, and the fishy fabric is a perfect motif for our house.

Mom said the sticks are very well made with a sturdy amount of stuffing and solid seams. Mom didn’t find them to be super aromatic, and I’m not a nip head so I’m not a good judge of nip potency. We’ll leave it to those of you who inhale to be the judge.

I like the size of the fishy stick (about 5.5 inches). It’s perfect for me to tuck under my chest and lick, so I’m going to keep this one.

I’m going to send the biggest stick and the multi-colored little stick to my cousin Pewter who enjoys nip. I’m sure she will appreciate the “medicinal” value of these herbs since she has the new-ish dog sibling.

Maybe her moms will send a photo of her enjoying the nip stix and I can share it. Oh, and I’m sending the D-O-G Sadie some treats too….I don’t want anyone to think I have a favorite cousin.

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