Not silly cat stuff

I rarely post non-animal topics, but this is one of the most important things I’ve encountered in the last few weeks. Although I no longer work in a science field, I was educated and trained as a scientist and believe wholeheartedly in Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s message. I hope you find it interesting and maybe think it important enough to share with others (share the link directly from YouTube using the arrow in the top-right corner of the video).

Ok, a cat related thought: Raven and I are glad most of humanity has rejected the absurd myth that cats are associated with evil.


Next time we’ll be light-hearted and maybe even post a photo of my tail, which is getting a little more floofy!

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Toy hunt

Mom realized she hadn’t seen one of my favorite toys in a while so she decided to look for it. Sounds easy, right? Well, it would be easier if she didn’t have bad shoulders that prevent her from reaching under the furniture. It would also be easier if we didn’t have so much furniture that is just an inch or two off the floor where my toys get lost.

yellow ball cat toyThis is the yellow ball she’s looking for. It’s from the Jackson Galaxy brand. It’s lightweight, semi-soft, and wobbles when you wack it.She searched under and behind everything, finding lots of other toys, including another ball from the Jackson Galaxy brand.


green ball cat toyThey did a good job with these toys because they’re a lot of fun for kitties who like to smack balls around!  The green one can even be tossed around using your teeth. This post is sounding like a product review, but it’s really about the search for my toys.

under the desk drawers

Here are a few pictures of furniture she has to look under. The toy hunt requires getting down on the floor with a flashlight and a yard stick to retrieve lost toys.

She counted about 20 pieces of furniture to look under, plus all the other nooks & crannies in the house where toys could end up.

Mom and Dad have big desks sitting back-to-back. Each desk has a pedestal on both sides and the little cut-out at the base is a toy magnet! There are always toys under here, and it’s a chore for Mom to get them out.


under the bed

Of course everyone has beds to look under and there’s probably some stuff stored under there. Mom stores extra and emergency canned goods in bins under the spare bed and my toys are often under here. Behind one of the bins is where she found my yellow ball!

chirpy mouse cat toy

She found the chirpy mouse I got for Christmas under the cabinets in the breakfast nook. She had forgotten all about this toy.

She also discovered she needs to dust the floors under those cabinets! Since she was looking in every nook and cranny and moving furniture and stored items, she found many places where dust bunnies had escaped her usual weekly cleaning.

Mom gathered all the toys that were scattered around the house. As you can see, I have many toys with which I can amuse myself. I like sparkly balls and spongy balls. I also like other small things I can bat around. Mousie can be fun to chase and I also enjoy the occasional lick of a catnip toy.
cat toys!

I wonder how long it will be before she has to hunt for my favorite toys again.

I’m curious to know what some of your favorite toys are and if your humans need to hunt them down for you.

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Raven enjoying a sunpuddle and petting from Dad

After not being featured on my blog for over a month, I thought it was time to share something about myself again. I enjoyed a big sunpuddle this afternoon and Dad gave me a nice petting two different times. The first time he petted me really gently and I was all blissed out. The second time he was more energetic and I got a bit frisky. Here’s a video of the second petting.

Towards the end you can see us play our “bitting” game. I like to grab his hand in my mouth, but I don’t bite down and he holds very still like I’ve captured him. I only play this game with my Dad.

You can also see that my back legs and tail have grown more furs. Dad actually traps a few of my tail furs beneath his foot as he gets up!

Mid-way through the video you can hear Mom ask if I’m talking. You can’t hear me because I’m quiet and the t.v. is on, but I was making big purring sounds and chirped to my Dad while he petted me.

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Elusive kitty visitor

I occasionally see this kitty visiting our back yard. It’s very skittish so I suspect it’s one of the strays that lives in the neighborhood. The kitty walks along our fence rail and darts off if it’s startled so there’s little time to grab the camera and get a photo. These are not very good pictures but I think this kitty is gorgeous.  It has a ring-tail similar to the markings on the front-right paw.Elusive kitty from neighborhood

Elusive kitty from neighborhood

I’ll have to show these photos to the lady up the street and she if she recognizes it. She was our resident feral kitty Squatty’s other Mom and she feeds a lot of the strays and tries to get them spayed & neutered.  Maybe she knows who this kitty is.

Monday morning update: Mom & Dad are home from work today and Mom got another photo of elusive kitty. It’s still not great because she’s using a telephoto lens through the window screen. Kitty must use our fence as part of it’s daily routine.

elusive kitty again

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My dog-cousin Sadie and her new toys.

Pewter received the package I sent and replied back to me.

Hi Raven. Boy do I love the Kittles treats and I guess I will try to get that Sadie to play with those toys (like that will be a problem, she loves toys). Hopefully she will leave me alone. I have gotten braver in my excursions out of the bedroom but Sadie is sure intense and my moms need to still protect me.  I am hoping with a little more time and training treat she will start to ignore me!  I guess I will need to give it more time.

Thanks again for everything.
Your cousin Pewter

Here are two short videos of my dog-cousin Sadie being a goofy puppy. If you wouldn’t mind watching them (they’re only about 30 seconds combined) I know my aunts would love to see that lots of people watched their new puppy play! They adopted Sadie out of a prison-foster program, so she wasn’t the most social dog to start with and she needs a lot of training. But they’re both experienced with dogs and they will give her a fantastic home.

First she’s squirming around the floor with a squeeky toy.

And next she’s playing with one of the toys I sent in hopes that she will stay distracted from chasing my kitty-cousin Pewter.

Everyone is hoping Sadie’s behavior improves with training. It will take time for her to control her natural instinct to chase Pewter and I’m happy to send as many training treats as needed to help distract her from cousin Pewter.  Pewter is better at navigating the slippery floors so she has a bit of an advantage over the goofy nuisance. And there is always the baby gate that keeps the dog out of the bedroom!

I’m so glad my Mom & Dad decided against getting another dog after Bentley died. We love dogs, but we like them big, gentle, and with no prey drive so they’re not inclined to chase anything. She’s still thinking about adopting kittens this year, but she’s less than 50% convinced that’s a good idea for my health & well being. Mom knows I get bored during the day but also knows my personality has flourished as an only kitty who gets all the good perches and all their attention. I’m really lucky that Mom has 3-day weekends so I’m home alone at most 4 days a week. If she worked 5 days a week, I’d probably be putting up with kittens!

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