My 13th Birthday

Today is the day we celebrate my birthday. I’m 13 this year, which means I’m well into my kitty “senior” years.

I have everything a kitty could ever need, so my presents are simple but fun. Mom and Dad are staying home from work today so I’ll get lots of attention and open window time. I also got to lick the butter wrapper from when Mom made birthday cupcakes.

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A Sunday Easy

Now that I’ve rearranged the Halloween decor to my liking…..

I can have a Sunday Easy…

And prepare for my big day tomorrow…

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Would you be brave enough to climb this tree?

Our neighborhood has a few HUGE oak trees. They’re called “heritage” oaks and they’ve been around for a couple hundred years. Unfortunately, they sometimes drop limbs (which can be the size of a large tree) and need to be taken down. This gigantic oak split a huge limb off the bottom and crashed into the owner’s garage and car. Today, a crew was taking the tree down.

This photo gives you a sense of how big the tree was. They’ve already trimmed about 80 percent of the tree.

Can you see the tree guy about half way up on the left? He looks tiny.

See him now? 

Mom estimates this tree is about 100 feet tall (30 meters). If I were an outdoor kitty, I think I’d be brave enough to climb up, but I wouldn’t want to look down. And I think I’d need to be rescued. Would you be brave enough to climb it?

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Coins depicting cats

I’ve shared pictures of postage stamps, but today I thought I’d share some coins that depict cats. The U. S. state quarters have some birds, horses, cow (Wisconsin), bison, fish (Washington), and bear (Alaska). But mostly we have a lot of eagles and buffalo on our coins. It’s interesting to find foreign coins with animals, especially cats.

This one if from the Isle of Man.

And this lioness is from the Republic of Chad.

Stamp and coin collecting aren’t as popular as they once were, but I find it’s an interesting way to see various styles of art and learn a bit of geography and history.

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Wordless Wednesday

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