Backyard Catnip

It was a beautiful day and I felt like exploring the backyard. I laid in the cool grass for a long time watching those pesky Scrub Jays I shared with you last time.

I also sniffed my catnip pot.

Raven sniffing a pot of catnip

I smelled other cats had visited, so I rubbed on the edging to make sure they know who this pot belongs to.
Raven rubbing on the edging.
Then I climbed up to the pot for a better sniff.

Do you see anything different about me?
Look at my back legs and tail …. I look like a normal kitty with fur!

Raven climbing in the catnip pot.

Tomorrow (or next post) I’ll show some before and after photos to show all the progress I’ve made on my allergy diet.

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Raven watching jays on the patio

The jays have been visiting my patio. They’re fun to watch and they come right up to my screen door to get bugs from the water fountain and near the house where it meets the concrete.

Mom lets them hang around until she can’t stand their squawking anymore. You can hear how obnoxious they can be in the video.

Mom wishes we had more little songbirds, but jays are better than nothing.

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Farewell Red, Hello Orange

Today we said farewell to Red Betta, who went to the big fish bowl in the sky. He was an older fish and has been slowing down for a few weeks. He seemed ok last night, but wasn’t moving this morning.  At least he went quickly and didn’t linger or struggle.

Red Betta

This afternoon we welcomed Orange Betta. Orange Betta

Orange appreciated being released from his prison (the cup-sized container they keep them in at the fish store) and immediately explored his new tank.  It has a rock, several plants, and a moss ball. Sometimes fish don’t take to a new food, but he ate his first meal without hesitation. He’s very active and we think he’ll like his new home. Orange Betta Tank

An update about Grandma (Dad’s mom). She’s making good progress with her broken ankle. Tomorrow she should have the huge cast replaced with a smaller one and she moves from the skilled nursing facility to an assisted living community. She’ll still have 24-hour care, but will be more independent and focused on rehabilitation. It’s less than one mile from our house so we will have much more time for blog visits.

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A week of broken

It’s been a week of broken here.

On the serious side, my 80+ year old Grandma broke her ankle. She needed surgery, has a cast that weighs 13 pounds (she weights only about 100 pounds), and she needed to go to a nursing facility.  Grandma's giant cast

On the lighter side, Mom broke one of my plates today while preparing my mid-morning snack. The plate slipped out of her hand like a frisbee, fell to the floor, broke in half, and scattered my food into both the kitchen and living room! Luckily it was one of my least favorite plates. The worst part is they were hurrying to an appointment for Grandma, and didn’t have time to make me another snack. I was famished waiting 3 hours for my next meal!

Broken plate

Hopefully we done with breaking things for a long time.

We’re busy visiting Grandma and finding a place to care for her for the next few months while her leg heals. She’s not allowed to use that leg for the next 3 months! But we’re trying to visit all of you as much as we can. It’s always a nice break from all this serious Grandma stuff (pun intended!)

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Earth Day Caturday In My Pink Arm Chair

Mixed sunshine and clouds today, but I have a comfortable view of my back yard. It’s a good way to spend Earth Day.

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