Does this scale make me look sleepy?

My scale is a very comfy place to take a nap.

I wonder if I weigh less if I stand on my toes.

No. Okay, then I’ll lie down in the other direction and continue my nap.

Raven began losing weight when she started eating only canned food. The vet thought that was good because Raven had slowly gained 2 pounds after her sister Sammi passed away and she didn’t have anyone to interact with all day long. At her heaviest, Raven was 12 pounds, but now she’s healthier at just over 9 pounds. She goes for her wellness exam on Monday, so we’ll see what the vet thinks of her slimmed down (and furrier) body.

I’ve had the Tanita 1584 digital baby scale for about 15 years and it’s been a great tool to keep track of the cats’ weight at home. I’m very careful with it and it’s stored on a closet shelf where it cannot be used as a bed!

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Our Neighbor Zeke the Weimaraner

This is our neighbor Zeke. He’s a Weimaraner, and like my former doggy brother Bentley, he’s a retired hunting dog.

Weimaraners are very smart and friendly. Zeke sometimes escapes his house and takes himself for a walk in search of cat food. Today, he stopped by our porch and continued around the corner to Squatty the Stray’s other Mom, who always leaves food out for the local stray cats.

When Mom sees Zeke taking a solo adventure, she lets his owners know that Zeke is taking himself for a walk. Today they talked a bit and Mom learned that Zeke, who is 12 years old, has lung cancer.

Mom thought this was a perfect excuse to stop at the pet store and get Zeke a little care package to enjoy. We got him some dog toys, dog treats, a little sample-size bag of cat food, and a can of cat food. We thought he shouldn’t have to escape his home in search of yummy cat food!

Something in here smells Really good. It’s actually making me a bit frisky!

We told Zeke’s owners that he’s welcome to stop by our porch any time. If he doesn’t wander by we may have to walk down to his house for a little visit. We hope he enjoys his toys & treats.

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Cat postage stamps from Great Britain

It’s been a while since I’ve shared postage stamps from my collection. These are from Great Britain.

These stamps honor Edward Lear who wrote poetry such as  The Owl and The Pussy-Cat.

Cat stamps from Great Britain

I thought the pen-and-ink artwork on the stamps of cats in daily life was unique and very pretty.

Cat stamps from Great Britain

p.s. Hopefully I will do something blog worthy and will be featured on my blog again soon. My last appearance was over two weeks ago!

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Elusive kitty makes himself comfy

Back in March, Mom managed to capture a few photos of the gorgeous elusive kitty who was using my fence as part of his wanderings.

Well, he seems to have become more familiar with my yard! This is the second time in the past few weeks Mom has seen him around 7:30 p.m. taking a little rest in my lawn. He doesn’t stay long and he remains fairly alert and is quick to run off if something startles him. But he seems to enjoy himself.

Mom calls him Coco Puff. She put a plate of canned food on the patio for him, but he shows no interest in it. Our guess is he belongs to someone and is fed well enough that he’s not tempted by food. He sure is handsome. Mom says he can use the yard as long as he doesn’t upset me and doesn’t spray near the house.

p.s. we’re guessing it’s a “he”.  Mom took these photos from inside the house. Kitty is too skittish to allow Mom to get close enough to get a good look at the “informative” area. Maybe some day she’ll have the telephoto lens on the camera and kitty will be in a good position to get a revealing photo. 

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A room without a view

Last winter we had some wicked wind gusts and part of our fence was damaged. Mom & Dad were a little miffed because we replaced the fence 5 years ago. When they took the damaged part down, they could tell that the posts were not installed properly and had rotted out.

This side of my yard isn’t very interesting. It has a few plants and the occasional bird, but it’s only 7-feet wide and serves as a walkway alongside the house to the air conditioner and water softener. Without the fence, I’ve been able to enjoy an expanded view of the neighbor’s yard. They have a giant puddle of water that people splash in.

Last Friday some workmen came and blocked my view with new fencing (with metal posts this time). Oh well, the view was fun while it lasted. 

Maybe Mom & Dad can work on sprucing up this area to attract some birds and give me something more interesting to look at. Maybe they can go to the garden statue place and get something fun (but not a giant horse head).

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