Kitty Kick Stix

A few weeks ago, Summer posted a review about Kitty Kick Stix. Nip doesn’t make me goofy, but I do like to lay on my nip banana and give it a good licking now and then. Mom thought the sticks were cute and decided to purchase some.

Here’s the assortment we received. There are several sizes and a variety of cute fabrics. I love the black kitty fabric, and the fishy fabric is a perfect motif for our house.

Mom said the sticks are very well made with a sturdy amount of stuffing and solid seams. Mom didn’t find them to be super aromatic, and I’m not a nip head so I’m not a good judge of nip potency. We’ll leave it to those of you who inhale to be the judge.

I like the size of the fishy stick (about 5.5 inches). It’s perfect for me to tuck under my chest and lick, so I’m going to keep this one.

I’m going to send the biggest stick and the multi-colored little stick to my cousin Pewter who enjoys nip. I’m sure she will appreciate the “medicinal” value of these herbs since she has the new-ish dog sibling.

Maybe her moms will send a photo of her enjoying the nip stix and I can share it. Oh, and I’m sending the D-O-G Sadie some treats too….I don’t want anyone to think I have a favorite cousin.

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New fishy friends

A couple weeks ago Black Betta died and I planned to move Orange Betta into the slightly larger tank and maintain only five tanks instead of six.

That plan changed a couple days later when Black Betta summoned his friend Violet to the Rainbow Brook. I’ve been on “senior fish watch” thinking White Betta was going any day now. But he’s still doing his fishy thing, and it was Violet who took a nose dive into the gravel.

On to plan B. Getting two more fish was easier than maintaining fewer tanks. With only 4 tanks, we didn’t have enough space to redistribute two tanks worth of aquatic plants, so we would have had to keep a tank running just for plants. At that point, it’s not much more effort to keep all 6 tanks going.

Orange Betta is doing well in his current tank and the swimming area in the tanks is almost the same, so he’s not missing out on an “upgrade” by staying put.

Here are our two new fish.

Red-White-&-Blue Betta.

And this one is called a Koi Betta because it’s markings are blotchy like a koi.

Orange, Blue, and Koi in the 1.5 gallon tanks.

Red-White-&-Blue, White (barely visible in the top left corner of the middle tank), and Green (who looks blue here) in the 2.5 gallon tanks.

Hopefully you aren’t bored by my non-furry, fishy posts. I run out of cat topics to talk about and the fish and garden are my two other blog-worthy interests. Hubby has a coral tank with an amusing cleaner shrimp. If you’re not bored by fish topics, I think you’d get a kick out of watching him get fed (the shrimp, not my husband).

The Red-White-&-Blue Betta needs a shorter name.  Which do you like more:

  • Sam – short of “Uncle Sam”since he’s patriotic colors
  • Powder – because he’s powder blue
  • or suggest something else in the comments.
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A milestone box.

We’re too late to celebrate International Box Day, but Raven finally decided the box her food comes in was worth investigating. It’s a mediocre picture but I wasn’t sure she’d ever get back in the box. It took $1666 of food orders for her to get in a box, so I took the photo I could get!

I now have a 6-month supply of her food. For any new blog visitors, Raven is allergic to chicken and fish. This is the only food she eats so I’m not taking any chances of running out anytime soon. Paws crossed she doesn’t develop an allergy to any of the ingredients. You can see I note the flavor (L=lamb, R=Rabbit) and the expiration month & year on the edge so I rotate the food correctly. I’ll have to start some new stacks because getting the newest food to the bottom involves a lot of heavy lifting!

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Flowers on Friday

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It’s reassuring to know I wasn’t being unreasonable.

And now for some Fun Flowers on Friday.

Can you guess what plant these cute little flowers are from?

Hint #1: In the sentence above, I said fun flowers.

Hint #2: Some of you might enjoy or even grow this aromatic plant.

Put your cursor over the image for the answer.

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Your opinion wanted

I’m curious what your opinion is about this Facebook post from a cat charity. Even ignoring (or at least excusing) the vastly inadequate discussion about food quality versus advertising, what disturbs me is that a charity would suggest that owners feed their pets what the owner might consider a lesser quality food and donate the money they save to the charity.

I’ve redacted the names because I don’t mean to call out a particular charity or individual. The first post is from the cat charity.

I actually support this charity, but to me, it’s crossing the line for several reasons.

  1. It assumes I’ve not educated myself about food quality versus advertising.
  2. It suggests I’m irresponsible for wasting my money on a food I may have chosen to feed my pet.
  3. And it tells me what to do with my money (a big no-no in my book). Granted, they want to increase their donations, but this seems like a poor way to go about it.

Am I’m completely overreacting, or does this rub any of you the wrong way too?

And yes, I noticed that the vet wants you to save money on food and possibly spend it at her clinic getting your pet’s teeth cleaned…..again, possibly a valid argument, but very poorly executed.

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