Raven’s allergies are back in full force. 

I thought we had solved Raven’s itching & hair loss problem by eliminating chicken and fish from her diet. She was doing really well for about six months and over spring & summer had regrown quite a bit of fur. But her hair nibbling started again in September and continued despite being given steroids. She’s bitten the fur off her legs and a good portion of her tail again. It’s not as bad as last year (yet), but it’s obviously not been fixed by changing her diet. The vet thinks it was probably a coincidence that her allergies settled down when I changed her food.

We’re at a loss as to what’s causing her itching and the vet suspects we’re going to have to manage this for the rest of her life. Allergies often get worse as time goes on, so that really….pardon the expression….sucks! He’s mentioned using cyclosporine, but I’m very hesitant to use such a powerful drug. I’m more comfortable using steroids if we can find a dose that keeps her comfortable without causing too many side effects.

I know this isn’t the worst medical issue to deal with. I’m just frustrated that despite our best efforts we aren’t having much luck keeping Raven’s allergies under control. I guess we’ll just have to keep trying!

Tuesday update: I checked in with the vet and we’ve started Raven on oral prednisolone and zyrtec (cetirizine antihistamine) daily for the next two weeks. We’ll reassess after that.

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No good deed goes unpunished

It’s a FLEA! And it’s the consequence of Mom giving my neighbor cat Jackie all that love this weekend while Jackie’s family was away.

The flea was on ME, and it jumped onto Mom, who promptly killed it. Then Mom put stinky flea treatment on my back and flea combed me. Thankfully, she didn’t find any other fleas. She’s also been washing all my blankets and vacuuming the rugs and my perches.  She’s done 3 loads of laundry and has 2 more to go before all the potentially flea-contaminated blankets and her clothing are clean.

I’d say all the extra work serves her right, but the flea was on ME, and I’m the one who has stinky flea killing pesticide on my furs! And with my allergies flaring up and me having naked thighs again, it’s not as if I need a Flippin’ flea on ME!  And I know better words than flippin’, but Mom said I’m not allowed to use them in public.

Mom should be thankful that I’m a forgiving kitty. But she should also learn her lesson that cozying up to other cats, even super friendly ones like Jackie, is risky. Isn’t there a saying about laying down with dogs and getting fleas? Well, she cozied up with a cat and got fleas….even though she is very careful about lint rollering fur off her clothes after she’s snuggled Jacki. Even worse, she brought Jacki into the house for 2-3 minutes to try to get that princess hat photo….how dumb was that?!…maybe that’s when the flea jumped off and eventually found ME!

Hopefully this was the only flea that got in the house and the little bugger didn’t have a chance to lay any eggs. Mom will do more vacuuming this weekend to try to make sure no more nasty little buggers are hiding somewhere.

And get this…Mom & Dad are going to a dinner at Jacki’s house on Sunday. They better decontaminate themselves before they come back inside MY house!

Mom & Dad will have to be extra careful about petting Jacki and not holding her (Dad doesn’t hold her, only Mom does). And Jackie won’t be allowed to explore our garage any more, which she often does when Mom or Dad are coming & going or doing yard work. Jacki will still get loves, but it won’t be as cozy as last week.

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Jackie gets love while her family is away

My neighbor kitty, Jackie, has been lonely while her family is away. Jackie spends a lot of her time in our yard and Ken’s, and everyone is always happy to give her some love. She also sits by our door or window meowing for attention and even tries to peek in the house when we open the front door.

Friday evening, Mom sat with Jackie on the front porch and made sure she got plenty of loves. Dad pets her a lot too, but doesn’t hold her due to his cat allergies.

Saturday morning she was across the street on Ken’s porch getting morning sunshine snuggles.  Mom texted these photos to Jackie’s family to let them know Jackie was missing them but was getting lots of love. They said they are at Disneyland, so Mom found our princess hat and sent a photo saying Jackie hoped she was still their favorite princess.  

They replied, of course she was, and they could see Jackie was getting lots of love. Maybe she was even a little spoiled!

Hey – that was my sister Sammi’s princess hat and I’m not sure I like Jackie wearing it. I’m your princess now.

Don’t worry Raven, Jackie didn’t enjoy the hat and you’ll always be our princess, with our without a hat.   

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My 13th Birthday

Today is the day we celebrate my birthday. I’m 13 this year, which means I’m well into my kitty “senior” years.

I have everything a kitty could ever need, so my presents are simple but fun. Mom and Dad are staying home from work today so I’ll get lots of attention and open window time. I also got to lick the butter wrapper from when Mom made birthday cupcakes.

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A Sunday Easy

Now that I’ve rearranged the Halloween decor to my liking…..

I can have a Sunday Easy…

And prepare for my big day tomorrow…

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