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Monday Mischief – Making Moths

One of the reasons I love my dad so much is because he’s silly and comes up with crazy ideas out of the blue. He’ll be cuddling me and say something like, “Raven has cheeseburgers in her toes.” When mom … Continue reading

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Monday Mischief – I want my box back

There was mischief going on in our house, but it wasn’t me. Last week I got my 10-year birthday present. It was a huge scratcher and the cavernous box it came in. The scratcher is great, and so is the … Continue reading

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My Birthday Present Is Here!

A big box was delivered today and Mom said it was my birthday present. She ordered it from the Amazon forest on the 14th and my birthday was the 16th, so there was no way it would get here on … Continue reading

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Sunday Sort-of-Selfie: Progress with my Health

Last month mom shared an embarrassing photo of me and my naked belly. It was naked because my poops weren’t moving along, which made my tummy hurt, so I was trying to soothe my tummy by licking and I ended … Continue reading

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My 10th Birthday

Today is my 10th birthday. It’s not my actual birthday and it’s not my gotcha day, it’s a day that mom chose just for me. We don’t usually make much fuss about birthdays, but we do celebrate with a few … Continue reading

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