National Hugging Day

Today is National Hugging Day and it brings back wonderful memories of the best hugging kitty I’ve ever had – My Eddie Bear.  Ed’s favorite thing to do was lie on me and nuzzle his head into my neck to try to get my hair. He was a big, sweet, oaf of a mancat and I loved rubbing my fingers through his very floofy neck ruff.

Ed was one of my First Generation kitties who lived with us from 1995- 2006. The first post on this blog in 2006 was about losing him, but I’ll have to write about some of his antics and quirks. He was a fantastic kitty and quite a character.

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25 Facts About Raven

We’re joining Stunning CK in sharing 25 facts about myself. I won’t go so far as to say these are “amazing” (like CK’s), but you will probably learn something new about me.

1. Where is your cell phone? I don’t have one but I am the background photo on Mom’s phone.  Sammi is the background on Dad’s phone.
2. Your hair? Black (with auburn highlights) and peach-fuzzy gray where my allergies bother me.
3. Your dad? A fantastic playmate and good cuddler. But no kisses because he’s allergic to me.
4. Your mom? Devoted to me.
5. Your favorite food? Canned meatiness.
6. Your dream last night?  A big sunpuddle.
7. Your favorite drink? Melted butter, but I only get a few licks.
8. Fear? Things that beep or make noise, and anything big that Mom & Dad carry.
9. Favorite shoes? Dad’s. I’ve even left a hairball in one as a gift.
10. Favorite way to relax? Curled up in a warm, quiet spot.
11. Your mood? Mellow.
12. Your home away from home? I don’t travel, unless it’s to the vet’s, and even though he’s really nice, that’s not a place I could ever think of as home.
13. Where were you last night? Hanging out with Mom & Dad, or napping, same as every other night.
14. Something that you aren’t? Brave.
15. Muffins? Yes, but only on fluffy blankets. Oh wait, that’s biscuits. But I’ll stick with this answer.
16. Wish list item? I wish my allergies would go away.
17. Where you grew up? With my first family, but that was long ago and I’m happier here.
18. Last thing you did? Explored the garage.
19. Favorite thing to do? Zoomies up and down the hall, especially if Dad chases me.
20. Your TV? Watching quiet sci-fi, nature, and no arguing shows with Mom. Sometimes I’ll watch a noisy bomb-fest war movie with Dad.
21. Your pets? I have 3 Betta fish, 2 salt-water fish & a shrimp. I might get more Bettas to fill the empty tanks (some of my fish went to the rainbow brook over the past few months).
22. Friends? Jacki the neighbor cat is ok. CocoPuff sometimes gets too close to my windows.
23. Your life? Wonderful
24. Missing someone? My sister Sammi and my doggy brother Bentley.
25. Something that you are? Loved and respected as a sentient individual.

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New Rule?

I’m wondering if there’s a new rule in our house that Raven won’t use a new bed until it’s been in the house for nearly a year. Last month I shared a photo of Raven in the little doll bed from Ikea. It took her nearly a year to use that one.

I bought this cozy pink bed December 23, 2016. Raven refused to use it, and she actually seemed afraid of it. I’d try to coax her into the bed with no luck. If I set her in it, she’d leap out. Like the doll bed, it was on the list of items to donate.

The first time I saw her use this bed was December 13, 2017. She wasn’t feeling well and I thought, “this is a different behavior, which makes sense since she feels poorly.” Maybe it would be her comfort spot when she didn’t feel good. Last night she got into the bed again. She wasn’t feeling ill, but she didn’t settle in for a snooze, either. Maybe the flashy box had something to do with that 😉  This bed will have to stay here longer to give Raven a chance to decide whether or not she likes it.

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When all else fails

Rearrange the furniture.

Raven was unsettled and very vocal this morning. Our usual fun & games weren’t satisfying her so I resorted to the one trick that always amuses her  – rearranging her furniture. I moved her perches around and dragged in a couple from other rooms to create a kitty jungle gym. It’s a simple (although slightly back-breaking) trick that gives her something new to do and she has to think about how to get from one perch to the next. We played on the perches for about 5 minutes, but that was enough to get her out of her funky mood. She’ll be able to explore her “new” jungle gym all day before I put everything away so we can see the t.v.!

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Happy Holidays

This is a favorite photo of Mom’s from 2015. We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season.

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